What Are CPAP and BiPAP Used For?

PAP, or positive airway pressure, is a standard treatment option for patients with sleep apnea or other breathing issues. CPAP and BiPAP machines are the best non-invasive PAP therapies used to treat the conditions. Their designs and functions are similar.

But both treatment solutions are different from one another. So, what are the uses of CPAP and BiPAP? This guide discusses the purposes, advantages, and types of both machines.

What Are The Benefits of Using CPAP Machines?

cpap and bpap

Designed to produce pressurised air at a stable air pressure level, a CPAP machine is an effective non-invasive PAP therapy. The machine requires resetting its settings to change the air pressure. 

CPAP machines can treat sleep apnea by streaming oxygenated air into the airways through the tube and mask. The pressurised air prevents the airways from collapsing. This method stabilises breathing, improving the overall sleep pattern. Want to know the CPAP machine price? Here are the benefits of using a CPAP machine for sleep apnea or other breathing issues:

  • Increases the ability to sleep without any break
  • Mitigates the risk of stroke, heart attack, or any other cardiovascular ailments
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Reduces sleepiness in the daytime
  • Reduces excessive levels of cholesterol and blood glucose 

What Are The Advantages of Using The Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure Machine?

The machine pressurises air to a higher level than the room air. It helps the individual to inhale & exhale carbon dioxide. It improves the breathing pattern of patients who experience a flare-up of symptoms. Before learning the BiPAP machine price, here are the benefits of BiPAP machines:

  • It’s a more advanced treatment solution for patients with a chronic breathing disorder
  • Patients recommended for higher-than-average air pressure can opt for this machine, offering easier exhaling 
  • The BiPAP setting measures the sleep respiration rate & set the ideal rate for inhaling and exhaling
  • Patients with CPAP intolerance can choose BiPAP machines as a better alternative
  • Pulmonary disease or other condition needs assistance with exhaling and inhaling, so BiPAP is the best treatment solution

How Much Do CPAP and BiPAP Machines Cost in Delhi?

Advanced CPAP machines that come with better features are pricier than regular ones. The ultimate cost of a CPAP machine depends on the insurance coverage type and features you want to include. In Delhi, the cost of a CPAP machine ranges between 20,000 INR to 75,000 INR, while BiPAP machines may cost between 25000 INR and 120000 INR.

Types and Models of BiPAP Machine

BiPAP machines are available in two types:

  • Auto BiPAP: The machine supplies the air into the airways (expiratory PAP or EPAP & pressure support jointly determine the inspiratory PAP)
  • APAP BiPAP: It automatically adjusts to suit a person’s unique breathing needs

BiPAP machines include two pressure settings. They are IPAP or inhalation-positive airway pressure and EPAP or exhalation-positive airway pressure:

  • IPAP: When a patient inhales, the machine delivers increased air pressure
  • EPAP: When someone exhales, the machine automatically reduces the air pressure

Based on the machine’s setup, the switch between EPAP and IPAP read the patient’s breathing pattern. BiPAP machines have a pressure ranging from 4-30cmH₂0.

In the recent medical equipment world, the top brands that produce premium quality BiPAP machines are:


Resmed produces top-notch BiPAP machines like:

  • Resmed Aircurve 10 S BIPAP Machine 
  • Resmed Aircurve V Auto BIPAP Machine-Tripack 
  • Resmed Aircurve 10 ST BIPAP Machine


This multinational conglomerate corporation manufactures best-in-class medical equipment, including the following:

  • Philips Dreamstation BIPAP AVAPS Machine
  • Philips Respironics DreamStation BIPAP S/T Machine


The company offers the best non-invasive treatment methods with premium BiPAP machines. Oxymed BiPAP i Series P1 is the most sought-after product with a pressure range of 4-30cmH₂O.

Types and Models of CPAP Machine

The CPAP machine’s use depends on the sleep disorder’s severity, personal preferences & comfort. Learn about the types before CPAP machine prices:

Fixed Pressure CPAP Machines

These machines deliver constant pressure. A medical associate will fix the pressure setting to suit the level of therapy a patient needs for managing sleep apnea. 

Auto-Adjusting CPAP machines

These machines adjust the machine pressure automatically on breathing depending on the breath basis. It offers ideal pressure & comfort throughout the night. Auto-adjusting CPAP operates in the full CPAP machine mode and delivers constant pressure.

A doctor may recommend a CPAP mask to patients diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. Masks can be a mainstay treatment for the disorder. The mask-like apparatus connects to the pump. The pump will push the air into the airway and hold it open throughout the night. The prime CPAP masks available in the market include:

Nasal pillows are small plastic plugs resting directly below the nostril. They are the most lightweight and smallest choice available in the market. Patients who require a low-to-moderate air pressure setup can consider this option.

Nasal masks cover a patient’s face from the nose’s bridge to the upper lip’s top. It creates a seal over the nose without covering the mouth. Mouth breathers are not ideal for this treatment besides patients with sinus blockages, deviated septum, or other medical conditions. 

Full-face masks cover the mouth and nose. It forms a seal over the airways. Patients with allergies or who need a higher-pressure setting can consider this therapy. 

The following are the best brands that manufacture premium quality CPAP machines:


The top-selling company offers products that feature reduced noise levels, multiple modes, and fully automatic ventilation modes. Here are they:

  • Philips Dreamstation Auto CPAP Machine
  • Philips Remstar Auto CPAP Machine


Looking for reliable CPAP machines? BMC offers RESmart G2S A20 Auto CPAP Machine


The following machines can help you get relief from obstructive sleep apnea:

  • Resmed AirSense 10 Elite Manual 
  • Resmed AirSense 10 Autoset


How to Clean a CPAP Machine?

Please use a mixture of mild soap and warm water. Harsh detergents can damage the mask and leave a residue. Rinse thoroughly with warm water using a towel to dry.

Do You Need A Prescription to Purchase a BiPAP Machine?

Yes, you need a prescription to buy the machine. Although they are safe and pose negligence medical risks, an official prescription is necessary for the purchase. Learn more about the BiPAP machine price.