What Causes Obesity?

Having more intake of calories than your body can digest cause your obesity. Obesity is a health issue that happens when you eat a lot and walk too little. You have to do a workout to burn all the extra calories you are taking to avoid getting fat. Obesity is difficult as it is a chronic disease. 

Therefore, we are going to look for the causes which cause obesity.

Poor Diet

Obesity is caused when you eat unhealthy food, and processed food and junk foods are high in fat. So, when you increase the intake of high-fat food, it will cause obesity. Therefore, when people intake more calories than they can burn out, they will have obesity. 

Having food at irregular times will affect body weight as well. As at night metabolism process gets slower, so the food you have will not be digested properly. It will store in the body in the form of fat.

junk food

Fat and sugar will store in the form of fat in the body; if you do not work on it to burn out the fat and sugar. Hence, having a large portion of your meal and carbohydrates is one factor that will cause you obesity.

Not Physically Active

When you keep eating food and do not burn out the calories, your body will store them in the form of fat. Lack of exercise or any physical activity is another factor that causes obesity. 

So, this is why it is recommended by health consultants than to do aerobics for 150 mins in a week will help you burn your calories. It is not you have to do it all in one day. Divide the time and do some amount of workout daily. 

Therefore, physical activity and weight gain are directly proportional to one another. So it is essential to go for a walk or do some workout to burn out the extra calories we have taken. 

daily workout

Medical Conditions

The medical condition is also one of the factors which will cause obesity. A person suffering from depression will also have obesity as in depression, they overeat.

A person suffering from Cushing syndrome will also have obesity. As in Cushing syndrome, it produces an excess amount of steroid hormones called cortisol. The medicine used to treat depression and diabetes can also cause obesity. 

Therefore, it is essential to treat the disease to make a barrier for obesity to keep it under control.


Sometimes it is said it is in genes to gain weight. It means they tend to have a large appetite and face difficulty losing weight as this trait is inherited from their parents. 

Hence, it does not mean you cannot control your appetite or lose weight. With the time and effort you put in, you will control your appetite and loss weight. 

Genes can cause obesity in cases like Prader-Willi syndrome and Bardet-Bidel syndrome. You cannot change your genes, but you can improve your environment and eating habits to keep your weight under the belt. If you still feel it’s not helping then you can have out CBD products to do rest of the work for you.


Sometimes when you grow up with an eating disorder, you will tend to face obesity. So, having a proper schedule to intake the meal and having a healthy meal will maintain your body weight. 

Additionally, you might gather with friends and family, where they force you to have more portion food. 

Moreover, you may not have any nearby markets that sell fresh and healthy food like fruits and vegetables at affordable prices. 

Furthermore, you might not have any parks or any track near the home where you can go for a walk or jog to burn out the calories stored in the body as fat. 

Stress or Depression

When a person is suffering from anxiety, depression, or stress, they will tend to overeat. Therefore, overeating will result in having more intake of calories, which will store in the body and becomes fat. You will intake more fat, sugar, and calories that will tend you to have more weight. 

When you are suffering from anxiety, your cortisol level will increase, which leads to store fat in your body. Hence, it will result in weight gain. 

Age Factor

Obesity is not bound to happen to specific age group people. But as you get older, a less active lifestyle will lead you to have obesity. Obesity tends to increase the risk of obesity because of metabolism syndrome.

The muscles tend to decrease with age, and lower muscle mass leads to a slower metabolism mechanism.


To summarize, obesity is what we have to face because of our negligence towards our food intake in a daily routine. So, keeping a check of the calories we take in a day will help you keep the weight under control.

Obesity is not just about gaining weight and physical appearance. It tends to lead you to face medical conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, heart stroke, hypertension, and many more. So, it is essential to keep a note of things that will cause obesity.

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