What are Head CT Scan & Procedures

A Head CT scan acronym for computed tomography (CT) head scan is an imaging technique. It is used for identifying the issues related to the brain. It uses X-rays to develop 3D images of the skull, brain, and other related areas of the head. It is considered better than traditional X-Ray as it provides more detailed information which is required by a doctor when he wants to analyse blood vessels and soft tissues in the body 

In this article, we discuss why Head CT Scan is required and what is the procedure of Head CT Scan as well as the head ct scan cost in Delhi

Reasons why a doctor recommends a head CT scan 

head ct scan

Doctors recommend a head CT Scan for a person having  brain-related symptoms, i.e changes in personality, affected movement and many more to make sure about the underlying causes of brain abnormalities

  • To identify the best possible damage after trauma or injury to the head like soft tissue injuries, bone injuries and bleeding in the brain.
  • To accurately identify where there are signs of blooding/ clotting in  patients with stroke-like symptoms 
  • To diagnose the brain abnormalities and possible brain tumours.
  • In case of the patient is on medication to shrink a brain tumour, CT Scan is recommended to check the effectiveness of medical treatments.
  • To assess the birth conditions that make the skull form abnormally
  • To evaluate a patient with enlarged brain ventricles due to hydrocephalus

Head CT Scan Procedure

Head CT Scan Procedure inclusive of instructions given before the test, during test and after the test. Here we discuss step by step the complete procedure of a Head CT Scan.

  • Before the scan, a doctor gives a specific set of instructions to the patient inclusive of whether a patient is refraining from eating or drinking for a certain period or not before the CT scan procedure.
  • During the Head CT Scan procedure, the person needs to take off all kinds of metallic things like jewellery, removable dentures if having, hairpins etc. to prevent the scan’s images to be affected.
  • The patients who take metformin need to refrain from using metformin for a few days before getting a CT scan done with contrast dye to prevent the chance of reaction.
  • Before CT Scan, a Contrast dye injection is given to a patient to make the particular areas of the body show up more easily on a scan
  • The medical history of a patient is noted down before the CT Scan.
  • The CT scanner is a circle-shaped machine that has a hole in its centre, there is a bed on which a patient lies during the procedure.
  • The technician asks the patient to wear the hospital gown before going to the scanner room and puts an IV line in the person’s arm in case of a scan with contrast dye.
  • During the procedure, the expert technician talks to the patient via a speaker to let them know when the scan is starting.
  • The scanner directs X-ray beams to the head of a patient and the X-rays come back to the scanner for transmitting the images back to a computer.

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