What are the four stages of COPD?


COPD ( Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ) is a long-lasting inflammatory lung condition that creates obstructive airflows from the lungs.

COPD is most commonly found in smokers and people above the age of 40.

People who are affected by COPD feel difficulty in breathing, constant and deep coughing, and lack of breath.

At the start, it is barely noticeable but with the flow of time, it can become severe and lethal if it is not properly get handled and gets treated.

COPD Stages

COPD falls into four stages that will be discussed further:

  1. Stage I (Early)
  2. Stage II (Moderate)
  3. Stage III (Severe)
  4. Stage IV (Very Severe)

-Stage 1 (Early)

COPD stage 1 is not considered a serious health condition although it should be noticed and needs to overcome as at this stage COPD is not identified and you are not aware of anything wrong happening with your lungs.

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COPD Stage 1 Symptoms

At this stage, your symptoms might not be noticeable. You may only find a deep constant cough and increased mucus production. Sometimes people take these early stages symptoms of COPD as a normal flu

COPD Stage 1 General Treatment

With Stage 1 COPD, your doctor may prescribe a bronchodilator remedy to open up the airways in your lungs. These medications are normally carried through an inhaler or nebulizer.

-Stage 2 (Mild or Moderate)

COPD is recognized to be stage 2 if your FEV1 drops to 50 to 79 percent of your estimated value.

COPD Stage 2 Symptoms

Symptoms of COPD stage 2 become more severe. Increase in the cough and mucus production as compared to stage 1.

Shortness of breath during any physical activities is observed especially during walking and exercising. People get worried and take necessary steps at this stage and seek medical awareness from their healthcare provider.

General Treatment

Your doctor may prescribe a bronchodilator medication and if the symptoms may worsen, you may need steroids or oxygen.

-Stage 3 (Severe)

COPD Stage is Considered to be severe, and your forced expiratory volume (FEV1) is between 30 to 50 % of your estimated value.

You feel great difficulty in getting breath properly during your routine activities.

COPD Stage 3 Symptoms

At this stage the symptoms get worse like:

  • frequent colds or sickness
  • swelling in your ankles
  • chest tightness
  • trouble breathing deeply
  • wheezing

General Treatment

The therapy options for stage 3 COPD are alike to stage 2. You need to go on oxygen at this stage.

-Stage 4 (Very Severe)

Stage 4 is reflected to be more severe than others and is considered the final stage.

Your FPV1 is decreased to 30% than your normal value and your blood oxygen level also gets low.

At this stage, you are at risk of getting a sudden heart or lung failure.

COPD Stage 4 Symptoms

Breathing problems increased even while you are resting.

General Treatment

The final treatments at this stage are considered to be:

  • lung transplant
  • lung volume reduction surgery
  • bullectomy

Stem Cell Therapy Approach

Stem cell-based therapies that have been effectively applied to different diseases are another methodology for COPD and degenerative lung condition treatment. Stem cells may deliver a few signs to have cells, instigating a regenerative instrument against alveolar pulverization in the COPD lung.

Stem Cell Therapy For COPD Patients

Stem Cell treatment is considered to be the best alternative treatment to surgeries and transplants.

Mesenchyme stem cells help to decrease aggravation and also assist with improving relaxation.

Stem cells help to restore and regenerate tissue. As a reference, it won’t “fix” scar tissue.

Stem cells also help and assist with generating fresh blood vessels in the lungs. This would build the bloodstream into the lungs and oxygen stream out of the lungs, making it simpler to oxygenate the body.

Diminishing inflammation in the airways, which may help prevent further harm

Forming new, healthy lung tissue, which can replace any harmed tissue in the lungs

Boosting the development of new vessels, which are little veins, in the lungs; may prompt enhanced lung work.

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