Ways to deal with “Layoff Anxiety”

For many who work, it’s simply an opportunity to earn money. However, for others, it may be their calling or their passion, and provide the feeling of achievement and purpose. Losing it may cause them to lose a clear objective and purpose, affecting their health and happiness over the long term. Some people also feel that they’ve not only lost their identity, but they are also worried about their financial security. It is vital to understand that losing work can result in a feeling of being unrecognizable, and financial problems which are exacerbated by uncertainty about the future.

The anxiety of being fired can also result in a negative workplace atmosphere, which causes employees to be anxious, stressed and disengaged. Furthermore, employees who do survive layoffs typically experience an increase in workload, a decrease in motivation and morale, as well as tensions with their colleagues.

Make time to sort out your feelings using expert online counsellors and rest certain that this isn’t an end in itself. Although the layoff could impact your current confidence levels as well as your finances however, it is not in any way a reflection on you as a person or a professional. 

layoff anxiety ways

Strategies to ease anxiety

It’s unlikely that today‚Äôs workplace culture will evolve to the point of removing anxiety about being laid off. However, at present there are some methods to assist us with this.

Make sure you have an emergency plan

Even if you are having a net financial security, it is important to make an alternative plan will give you some control over the situation. The goal is to list the steps you’ll need to do in the event you lose your job. This could involve everything starting with updating your resume to growing your professional network as well as knowing where and how you’d look for the next job, should it were to happen.

Contact an experienced career counselor or online therapist via TalktoAngel

Work can have a significant influence on our mental wellbeing, and luckily, there are experts and resources available to assist. If you have the money to consider booking several sessions (or maybe the one) with a best therapist or online counsellor to gain a fresh view from someone who isn’t a professional and is also skilled in helping clients manage anxiety issues of that kind can be beneficial.

However, even if you’re in a situation where you can afford the expense of counseling, you could consider the free or low-cost options available there, such as going to be affordable online counselling.

Learn to channel your fear into developing new techniques

When you realize that your anxiety about being laid off has gotten out of hand and you are unable to control it, shift your focus to something else. For instance, you could be taking a class or learning something new. This is not only distracting from the stress of the job you’re in, however by mastering something new or expanding your knowledge about a certain subject, you’re doing yourself a favor in the near future regardless of the outcome with your current job.

Imagine the scenario that could be the worst-case

Although you shouldn’t think about being cut off so often that it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy there are ways you can get the most of your time worrying. Imagine what the next step could be in the event that you were to be fired. Review your plan as in detail as you can. Imagine the way you’d look for an employment opportunity, how you would manage your finances and the list goes on.

The exercise might not make you feel the most content however, it is beneficial. Making a mental note of the worst-case scenario will assist you in gaining control over the stress that comes with the situation, instead of being able to let it impact you. A strategy for dealing with the possible scenario gives you a sense of security even when you might feel as if you don’t have any.

Remember the things you’ve done to overcome

You’ve overcome many hurdles to arrive at the point you are now. Even though getting laid off isn’t the best option, it does not mean you cannot take it on. It’s helpful to recall everything you’ve conquered and come to the top of the heap despite all. A study showed that those who look back on the ways they’ve risen above the challenges of life showed greater levels of happiness.

What happened to you that left you upset or disappointed? What was it that you went through that you thought you wouldn’t get through? After that consider: which strengths helped me through these times? What opportunities came to me afterwards? This exercise will serve as an effective reminding you of the extent to which you’ve been and how far you are able to explore.

Do not let the stress of a layoff take over your life. If you learn how to manage your mind and follow the correct steps, you’ll be able to handle whatever comes next in a positive way.

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