What Is Waterborne Diseases And How To Avoid It?

A sickness that occurs due to the drinking of contaminated water is called waterborne diseases. Due to these issues, millions of people worldwide lose their lives; thus, it has become a significant concern. However, not all the people who suffer from waterborne disease lose their life. But those who recover from it have weakened the immune system. A weakened immune system makes people prone to various kinds of health issues. Thus people are advised on drinking contamination free water.

But it is not possible until you install a modern and advanced technology based water purifier at your home. A water purifier is an electronic device that treats the water and eliminates all kinds of disease causing pathogens, and makes water safe for drinking purposes. In India, Aqguagaurd manufactures the best water purifier, which destroys the disease causing pathogen from the water and enhances the taste of the water. Thus contact the Aquaguard service provider of your area and get the reliable water purifier for your house.

In India, most of the people drink groundwater, And groundwater waterborne disease infection spreads quickly. According to data Indian consume about 3% of the total groundwater consumed around the world. And according to the UN report, India is in the 120th position in terms of drinking water quality. This shows that Indian freshwater quality is very inferior; thus, it must be adequately treated before consuming.

Number Of Death Occurs in India Due To Waterborne Disease in Last 5 years

The below listed table contains the total number of waterborne disease registered cases & death occurred in India between 2013 to September 2017.

cases deathcases deathscasesdeathscasesdeathscasesdeaths
Acute Diarrhoeal Diseases1141361016291174863111371291360613531416657415559230572840
Viral Hepatitis11012557413855440014086143514597045198086283

Does Installation Of Water Purifier Protect From Waterborne Diseases?

A waterborne disease mainly occurs due to drinking contaminated water. A water purifier can eliminate 99.9% of a pollutant from the water, thus nearly finishing the threat of getting the waterborne disease. Aquaguard water purifier is based on advanced and modern water purification technology. As a result, water purifiers can eliminate all kinds of contamination from the water.

But the only installation of a water purifier is not the solution. As a water purifier is an electronic device; thus, you need to buy a regular water purifier servicing. And to book that, you can contact the best and trusted Aquaguard service provider so that you can get the hassle-free and satisfactory service at your doorstep.

Buying an Aquaguard water purifier ensures that you will get pure and healthy water for the more extended period because the Aquaguard water purifier manufacturer uses quality raw material, making the product long lasting.


The waterborne disease can be fatal sometimes; thus, do not ignore it and immediately seek a medical professional. Drinking pure and healthy water allows you to avoid waterborne disease, thus ensuring that you have the best and adequately working water purifier to get contamination free water without having any issues.

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