Water Elements That Cause Severe Diseases – A detailed guide

Water is a natural substance that helps us survive in this world. No one can imagine life without water. Not only human beings but also other animals need water to survive. On one side, water is saving our life. On the other side, water contains thousands of contaminants that can cause severe harm to the body. Only high-quality water filters can clean these harmful elements from water. No matter what is the water filter price in Bangladesh, we should buy high-quality water filters. We all should know about the elements that can cause serious damage to the human body. In this article, I have discussed in detail the water elements that cause severe health diseases. 


Aluminum is not found in water mostly. Rather scientists use it for different purposes mixing it with water. They use a certain level of aluminum so that it does not harm our bodies. Aluminum removes some micro-organism from water. That can cause severe diseases. Though aluminum is used for water cleaning water or water treatment the over-exposure to aluminum can harm us. 


Any aquatic environment is suitable for this element. It is one kind of nitrogen. Other kinds of nitrogen help in some ways or other. But this one is not good for our health. It can cause a toxic effect on aquatic life which in turn comes to the human body as well. The presence of ammonia to a great extent on the water can make the water life toxic. 


Arsenic is another harmful element of water that is highly risky for our bodies. No one can understand the presence of arsenic if they drink water with arsenic for a short time. But if one drinks arsenic-contaminated water he can get affected. It can cause skin cancer, lung cancer, etc. The most dangerous impact of arsenic is on the skin. Besides, neurological diseases, diabetes, reproductive weakness, etc. also caused by arsenic. 


A silvery-white element that is made of metal can be found in the water as well. This is called barium. When chemicals like sulfur, oxygen, and carbon get mixed together then it becomes barium. Barium has a density of half of the iron. Usually, the level we find it on water and food is not that dangerous. However, the same barium can become life-threatening.


Cadmium is an element that can harm our body a lot. If you are consuming an occupational level of cadmium from water that can cause an inhalation problem. That can get serious over a period of time. Also,  people can have flu, chills, muscle pain, fever as well. That can lead one to more severe problems. 


Chloramine is one of the most dangerous elements of water. It can cause multiple types of diseases or harm to the human body. The problems are diversified. A single element can cause diseases like rashing, dry skin, flaking, itching, scarring, cracking, bleeding, pigmentation, digestive problems, dry mouth & throat, kidney and blood damage, etc. Some, suggest that chloramine can damage the whole immune system.


When get infected by this people can have problems with breathing. Also, it can cause respiratory tracts itchiness. When people breathe it can cause irritation on the passage. The most severe result of having chromium in water is having lung, sinus, or nasal cancer. Other related problems that might occur because of this element are asthma, bronchitis, pharyngitis, chronic rhinitis, etc. 


Fluoride is good for dental illness. Dentists use it for the treatment of teeth. Also, it can be found in toothpaste. However, when it is used too much, it can damage the thyroid system. It totally damages the thyroid gland function. If one has a high concentration it can change his hormones of the thyroid. The toxicity of fluoride is more severe than in diabetic patients. It also can damage reproductive and neurological health. 

Bacteria & Viruses

Perhaps this is the most dangerous element that water can ever have. In fact, when we talk about contaminated water, we mean the water with bacteria and viruses. Almost all kinds of waterborne diseases are caused by bacteria and viruses. Hepatitis A, B, jaundice, dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, and many more diseases are caused by bacteria and viruses. These are categorized as pathogens that we may find in contaminated water. 


This element is particularly dangerous to children and infants. They are extremely vulnerable to this substance. It can damage the central and peripheral nervous system. It also affects physical growth, learning abilities causing impaired formation, malfunction of blood cells, impaired hearing. Pregnant women can also have a serious problem with calcium once they have an overdose on the lead through the water. To remain safe from this dangerous element we must filter our water. 


Nitrates or nitrites are one of the naturally occurred substances that can be found in water. It also can be found in man-made sources as well. We all know our whole body needs oxygen to function normally. Overexposure to nitrate can affect this. It damages the system of flowing oxygen throughout the body. Other major problems that this element creates are blood pressure, heart rate, stomach trouble, headache, etc. 


Mercury is one of the commonly found water elements. Well, the damage it does depends on the type of people consuming it and the form of the mercury itself. This element is directly a poison for the nervous system. It damages the overall health condition. If anyone gets exposed during pregnancy it creates a great concern. It can damage the normal growth of the unborn baby inside the womb. 


Because of the high ratio of use silver can enter our body in different ways. One of those is water. Silver is one of the elements of water. If it enters our body it can cause diarrhea, decreased respiration, and stomach irritation, etc. It also can damage the metabolism system and tissues of our body. Here are some other elements that are found in water and can damage our bodies. 

  • Uranium
  • Perchlorate
  • Radium
  • Selenium

Final Verdict

Water is everywhere on this earth. It is in good or bad form. If we can filter the water, we can save us the damage contaminated water makes in our bodies. A single water filter can sav

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