Vishuddha Chakra – What Is The Pure Chakra Awakening Method And Effect

What is Vishuddha Chakra?

This chakra is the fifth chakra of our body. In another language, we also call it the throat chakra. It is also called throat chakra in English. It is located near the throat and in the throat is the place of Saraswati. It is a circle with sixteen petals.

In general, if your energy is concentrated around this chakra you will be very powerful. This chakra is meant to create our creative identity. Its shape is like a lotus with sixteen parties. When the mind is situated on the Vishuddha Chakra, the mind becomes pure, that is why it has this name. This chakra is the head of the sky element.

The fifth body is the spiritual body. The Vishuddhi Chakra is associated with the spiritual body. The first four bodies and their chakras were divided into two but the duality has ended with the fifth body. As I said earlier, the difference between man and woman lasts till the fourth body; After that, it ends if we follow very closely, all duality belongs to man and woman. Where there is no distance between man and woman, at that point, all duality ends.

One who has entered the fifth chakra gets rid of all unconsciousness completely. He sleeps at night but his body sleeps alone, inside his body one thing is always awake. Therefore, after the growth of the fourth body, we can call the person a Buddha, an awakened person.

A sleeping person cannot be trusted. This world of ours is a world of completely sleepy people; So, so much confusion, so many conflicts, so many fights, so much chaos.

There is another important difference between a sleeping person and an awake person that we must keep in mind. A sleeper does not know who they are, so they are always striving to show others that they are and as such, this or that is a lifelong endeavor for the sleeper. They try a thousand and one ways to prove themselves and sometimes they climb one of the many social ladders and declare, “I am many.” Sometimes they build a house and display their wealth, or climb a mountain to show their strength. They try all means of proving themselves to others and, in all these attempts, they are, in fact, unconsciously trying to make themselves known for who they are!

The fifth body is called the spiritual body because there you find the answer to “Who is I” and if you say to such a person, “You are many,” he will laugh. All claims from his side will now be closed as he now knows. No need to prove yourself anymore!

God is the ultimate manifestation of mankind. In fact, words cannot go beyond the fifth goal. But about the fifth goal, we can say, “There is an ecstasy; There is right awakening; There is self-realization and  “This is all that can be described.

If your quest is for truth, you want to travel beyond the fifth body. From the very beginning, your search should be for the truth otherwise, the journey to the fifth goal will be easy, but you will stop there. If there is a search for truth, then there is no question of stopping it.

Bertrand Russell once joked, “I am not attracted to salvation because I hear that there is nothing but joy. Pleasure alone will be very dull – joy and bliss and nothing more. If there is no trace of sorrow – no worry, no tension in it – how long can one enjoy? “

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Vishuddha Chakra Mantra:

The mantra of this chakra is – Huh. ( हं। ) To awaken this chakra, you have to meditate while chanting the mantra.

Location of Vishuddha Chakra:

The Vishuddha-chakra is located just below the protruding part of our throat, which is called Adam’s apple in English.

Method of awakening the Vishuddha Chakra:-

By exercising restraint and meditating in the throat, this chakra gets awakened.

Effects of Vishuddha Chakra:-

When this chakra is awakened in a person, then the person attains the perfection of speech. With the awakening of this chakra, the life of a person increases, and the accomplishment of music education is achieved. The person is a scholar. When it is awakened, the knowledge of sixteen arts and sixteen virtues is attained.

Due to its awakening, where hunger and thirst can be stopped, the effect of weather can also be stopped. By meditating on this chakra one becomes free from disease, fear, anxiety, etc.

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