Video Gaming A Healthy Way For Relieving Stress


In this age, the pandemic has hit quite hard and stress levels among millions of people have skyrocketed because many lost their jobs and were traumatized by the whole situation of the lockdown and all. In this traumatized situation millions of people turned towards video gaming to relieve stress and they followed certain tips and solid facts to start earning a little by playing. Moreover, in the year 2021, we can see a sudden rise in the number of gamers, and sales of gaming equipment and hardware have gone through the roof.

Let’s see how effective video games are to relieve stress.

1. Video Games Enhances Engagement and Enjoyment

When you play video games that are adventurous, scenes like being in an open field under the huge blue sky with the sun shining on you can give you an extreme feeling of satisfaction. You’d feel the excitement like when you visit a place in real life. Because when you play you get so engaged in the game that you forget everything that was causing the stress plus you get to experience a sense of enjoyment that allows you to feel free from all the obligations and tensions that constantly surround you 24/7. Hence it’ll result in lowering the stress levels.

gaming equipment and hardware

Furthermore, with such a beautiful breathtaking view, your soul gets the nourishment it needs. The whole scene just gives you the complete relaxation that you need and ends in reducing the stress levels and provides you the ultimate satisfaction your body and mind seek. 

2. Video Games Satisfy The Hunger For Achievement  

Achieving something in life is quite hard and that also causes the stress levels to escalate. When you have set certain goals, you work really hard, but you can’t seem to achieve what you desire is the most stressful, annoying feeling ever. So video games give you a doorway that’ll take you to a whole new world that’ll resemble the real one but you would have certain control over choices and that’ll give you a sense of control and power.

Video games will satisfy the feeling of achieving something. While giving you a lesson to wait patiently; that one day you’ll also be able to achieve your real-life goals… and that is where stress levels go down and you get a boost of energy and when you go back to work on achieving your biggest dream you’ll be freshened up.

3. Video Games Enhances The Dopamine Circuitry In The Brain

Video games have a powerful impact on our brain whenever we play our favorite games and that sparks a sense of pleasure in our brain. When this happens our brain releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine into the nucleus accumbens, which is known to be the brain’s pleasure center. When this dopamine is released we get to feel good and have euphoric reactions that are essential to a human being. Therefore the pleasure that we receive by playing our favorite games helps us in coping up with the stressful day-to-day life.

4. Video Games Relieve Stress Through Encouraging Creativity

In our daily life’s struggles, we work hard by focusing on logical things like reasoning and rational facts. We don’t take out the time to relax and be creative. There was a study that was conducted that showed that right after 45 minutes of creating art the stress-related hormone called cortisol gets low. Meaning if you work on something creative it can be anything you get to lower your stress levels.  

If you don’t have the necessary equipment to be creative then video games are the way you can be creative. You’ll get loads of choices in games; like building stuff, creating a new magical world, etc. Video games are a portal that grants you everything and helps in lowering stress levels which is quite therapeutic.

5. Playing Video Games Well Improves Stress-Relief

The pandemic has fully taken over social life and activities. So that leaves the different gadgets to be the choice for enjoying and playing games and to socialize. Hence a study shows that causal gaming helps in relieving stress levels. So after a long hard day try to relax by playing casual games so when you play you’ll be able to get rid of the tension, stress, and anxiety.


Conclusively, it turns out that video games are the best choice for relieving stress and you could learn several different things from them too. As Michael Jordan says “Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.”

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