Vegetarians and Eggs

liquid egg yolk

Do vegetarians eat eggs? This is a recurrent question that people sometimes ask. And as there are many types of vegetarians, some do eat eggs. But it all depends on the beliefs and the preferences of each individual. 

What is a vegetarian diet? 

For food, a vegetarian diet is only composed of plant. In principle, vegetarians only eat fruits, potatoes, peas, beans, grains, nuts and seeds. But there are many types of vegetarians. If they are vegan, they strictly eat plants and the diet excludes all meal and animal products. 

Some of them daily eat dairy products in addition to the plants. They are called the lacto vegetarians. And the last type of vegetarians that accepts the consumption of dairy products and egg is called the lacto-ovo vegetarian. 

The importance of eggs in a vegetarian diet

Eggs are very important in the vegetariandiet. Because this is a type of diet that do not include the consumption of meat, it may lack of some nutrients that have to be completed in order to ensure the dietgathers enough protein and is therefore appropriate for the  growth and the reparation of cells in the body. 

Of course, vegetarians have excellent sources of proteins such as soya and tofu. But if the egg is included in the salads and the other meals, it can bring in over 6 grams of high quality protein for a medium-sized egg. 

Besides, it is to be known that eggs are useful if the person that adopts a vegetarian way of life goes to the gym. In fact, eggs are a great source of proteins and low calories. It also gathers some important nutrients that are in favor of a healthy diet. 

For example there are many essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B12, vitamins B2 and even vitamin D within the egg. You can also meet some essential fats within it. And as the vegetarian diet holds many restrictions, the fact of consuming eggs can help getting the essential nutrients needed by the body. 

How do vegetarians eat egg? 

Vegetarians can cook eggs in many different ways. The easiest recipe is probably the frittata and omelets. In order to turn it vegetarian, it just has to be cooked without any meal and other product animal free. 

But eggs can also be boiled, baked, poached or used as a main ingredient within one specific recipe. As far as the type of egg used is concerned, vegetarians feel free to use fresh eggs, liquid egg yolk or any other egg presentation. 

What are the benefits of the vegetarian diet? 

Even if many criticisms go through this particular lifestyle, it is to be notice that the vegetarian diet has some benefits. Apart from its response to environmental issues, the vegetarian diet is proved to be good for the global health, if the foods meet the body daily needs. 

For instance, a vegetarian should daily consume an appropriate diet composed with fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, seeds. As these foods are generally fat free and full of fibers, they are in favor of a good digestion. 

Besides, vegetarian diet is also proved to be efficient for the weight loss. This can be caused by the fact that the plant foods are energetic     even if they gather low calories. They also contain natural sugar derived from saccharide and fructose which are better for the organism. 

And finally, remember that if you reduce your consumption of animal proteins, you help your body to fight against many diseases as you considerably reduce the fat you consume. You can then prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol level, etc.