Some useful mobile apps for doctors

In the current times, every business, big or small, has started relying on mobile apps. Over the last decade, the number of mobile apps increased substantially. The medical world also saw the launch of enormous mobile apps helping in different operations. From medicine identification to online consultations, you can do anything through the apps on your smartphone.

Every mobile app for doctors has an aim to provide convenience to medical practitioners. Some apps help connect with fellow practitioners to discuss various medical issues for better treatment. Moreover, the app also helps stay connected with the patients. Especially in the current times when lockdowns and social distancing norms are being followed, digital assistances are the best solution. Mobile app for doctors enables them to give real-time consultation to their patients and generate prescriptions.

Useful mobile apps for doctors

Not all that is there on the internet is useful. Similarly, out of a plethora of mobile apps, only a few are efficient enough to help doctors in various operations. Let us list down the helpful mobile app for doctors.

Bajaj Finserv Health Doctor

A trusted name in the healthcare industry, Bajaj Finserv has been serving people for a long. The Health Doctor app launched by them is an initiative to help doctors digitalize their clinics. It allows them to take the appointments through the app and provide real-time consultation through different modes available.

Other than this, the entire process is automated right from appointment scheduling, a reminder to the patients until prescription generation. The app is not only beneficial for the doctors, but the patients also are at ease as they don’t have to travel to the doctor’s clinic. With just a few clicks, you can get in touch with your doctor and get the diagnosis done.

Moreover, there is a lot of information on the app related to minor symptoms and their treatment which people can read and use to their advantage. The best part about this mobile app for doctors is its virtual receptionist feature. A doctor can use this feature to handle generic calls just like a receptionist at the clinic does.


Medscape is an efficient mobile app for doctors used internationally by many medical practitioners. Doctors can connect with other doctors in their field and discuss various clinical issues and their diagnoses. The app also gives the latest medical news and updates about the ongoing researches. Furthermore, there is a lot of information available on the app for different drug identifications.

Medscape has a vast community of doctors including, cardiologists, dermatologists, and experts from other fields. All these experts share the disease information, relevant educational data, and latest advancements in treatment that prove beneficial for the entire community of doctors.

DynaMed Plus

A mobile app that provides evidence-based information to help in efficient patient care. The physician from various fields, review and update the information on the app every day. Hence, ensuring that whenever required, the patients can get help at their fingertips. It is also highly beneficial for physicians who are too busy to stay current with the latest changes in medical literature as they can use this app to get all the information without missing a beat in their daily life.


Practo is a renowned name and reliable mobile app for doctors as well as patients. Practo allows its users to find doctors near them, book a consultation with them and get online medical help. Doctors, on the other hand, get the opportunity to digitalize their clinics. They can take bookings online, keep the patient records on the app, and do everything from prescription generation to sharing invoices, all through the app.

Many other apps are available to help doctors and are genuinely good. The best way to find out which one will work fine is to read the ratings and reviews. Reviews by fellow doctors work as a deciding factor as they are most likely to provide a fair opinion about whether the app is helpful. Other than this, figure out where most of your patients are. People rely on the mobile app for doctors that give a user-friendly experience. Based on these factors, choose the best-suited app and use the digital advancements for you and your client’s welfare!

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