5 Types of Damaged Hair and How to Treat Them

To have healthy hair is a dream of every man and woman. Hair damage is a never-ending problem that usually appears in women. Every woman tries to look pretty by making hairstyles with heating tools, with dyeing their hair and by enjoying the moment even in the dusty environment. Such problems of hair need a proper care routine that many candidates don’t perform. However, we are going to discuss 5 Types of Damaged Hair and How to Treat Them. So, keep reading this article for more information.


What Are The Types Of Hair Damage?

Generally, there are several types of hair damage that different people experience at different ages. Few most common types are mentioned below:

  • Split Ends – A type of hair damage that is the most common in every woman is known as split ends. It will appear from the end of your hair follicle which is the oldest area. Moreover, these types of ends can damage the hair strand as it has two to more openings and it will appear very awkwardly. 
  • Heat Damage – Another common type of damage that usually appear when a person extremely uses heating tools in daily routine like straighter, curler, dryer or others for styling their hair is known as Heat damage. After that, your hair looks like dull, burnt or awkward and you may experience a rough look. 
  • Color & Chemical Damage – Your hair will damage if you continuously use the chemicals on your hair like hair colors, products or other materials. Changing your hair color or trying to use different products on your hair can lead you to hair damage.  Due to Environment or Daily Routine – If you don’t care about your hair like not washing them twice a week or you spend a lot of time in a speck of dust and windy environment can lead you to hair damage and make your hair texture weak.   
  • Hair Loss – Last but not least, your daily routine or lifestyle habits can lead you to hair loss. There could be several reasons like heredity, imbalanced hormones, deficiency of vitamins etc. it is a type of hair damage that may loss of your hair and hair fall may start from this stage. 

How To Treat Them?

According to Experts, every problem has a suitable solution. If you are experiencing any hair damage due to any type of cause then it is very important to treat them on time. Otherwise, you may experience hair fall and it will cost you expensive treatments. For different types of damages, the treatments are mentioned below:

  • For split ends, you may need to trim them on a regular basis like whenever you see your hair strands have openings, you should cut them. The growth will make your hair improve and enhance its texture.
  • For heat damage, the best way to prevent from heat damage to hair is to stop the use of heating tools during your styling or you can make them limit use. You can use different products like sprays or serums before the heating process but do try to not use the excess of any product. Moreover, you can use essential oiling after a shower. 
  • For Color and Chemical Damage, it would be best if you don’t color your hair or avoid the use of chemical products for protecting your hair from damage. Anyhow, if you are experiencing this type of damage then avoid the use of bleach that is applied before the color and use recommended products that moisturize your hair and keep the root strong. 
  • For Environmental or Daily Routine damage, You may need to avoid going to such places where the dusty area is located and do not go in direct sunlight if you have weak hair growth. Moreover, you can protect your hair from dust by covering your head and after coming back home, take shower and brush them slowly. 
  • For Hair Loss, It is the most unwanted and depressed phase in hair damage when you lose your hair suddenly. The best way to treat your hair fall is to choose a proper treatment like PRP Injection Therapy or GFC solution through hair transplant which will speed up your growth and provide you long term results without experiencing any complications. 

When Will You See Final Results?

After properly treating your hair for recovering the damage, you will get amazing results within a few months. Different treatments have different periods of recovering but it requires proper aftercare instructions that will protect you from hair fall and damage. Therefore, it would be best if you choose an experienced hair specialist who will guide you with helpful information.

All Summed Up!

If you are tired of having damaged hair or you are experiencing hair fall due to any reason then treat them on time with a suitable and effective treatment. Otherwise, you may suffer severe hair roughness, damage or maybe sudden hair fall. So, better to treat on time or you will regret it whole life.