Stress Causes Hair Loss- Top Treatments to Regrow Hair loss

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There are various causes of hair loss in both women and men, one of them being stress which is very common today. Hair loss due to stress is always a temporary condition that occurs two to three months after you experience a stressful event.

The stressful events may be related to surgery, accident, illness, significant weight loss, fever, childbirth in women, or even emotional stress. This article will provide all the answers to some common questions we’ve been asking ourselves about hair loss due to stress like; 

i) Does stress cause hair loss?

ii) Can hair grow back to its normal with stress being the cause?

iii) Are there top treatments for hair loss due to stress?

Does stress cause hair loss?

The answer to this question is YES. Stress cases such as anxiety, depression, lack of proper sleep, and digestion problems make the stem cell hormones responsible for hair growth inactive, hence stopping the growth of hair follicles and weakening the existing ones leading to excessive shedding of hair from the scalp.

Many researchers also say that chronic stress can harm hair and lead to hair thinning though the study has not yet been confirmed. Hair loss due to stress occurs in various types. The types are;

1.Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is where the body’s immune system attacks hair follicles from the scalp, hindering them from growth due to stress. The hair starts falling out, leaving bald patches behind that may be noticeable with time.

2. Telogen Effluvium

In telogen effluvium, stress makes the hair follicles to be at a resting stage. The hair, which is at the resting phase, starts falling after some time, and you may notice the loss of over a hundred strands when you are combing, washing, or brushing your hair.

3. Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania occurs when certain feelings such as frustration, tension, stress, boredom, loneliness, etc., are making you somehow uncomfortable. This condition gives you an urge to pull out your hair from the scalp, eyebrows, or any other area and thus leading to hair thinning. The disorder has been common in many people with extreme stress conditions.

It is always simple and easy to know whether you’re suffering from hair loss due to stress. For example, In Alopecia Areata, you will notice some bald patches from the scalp days after a stressful event. With telogen effluvium, you will realize the falling out of hair from the scalp. In trichotillomania, the volume and the density of your hair will start reducing. 

Top treatments for hair loss due to stress

As discussed before, hair loss due to stress is a temporary condition that can be treated, and the hair can grow back to its regular growth system or cycle. Below are some of the suggested treatments for hair loss due to stress.

1.Management of stress

Managing your stress may bring negative or positive impacts to your hair follicles. It is always advisable to seek help or counseling if you are going through a stressful event or have experienced a traumatizing activity. 

You can also manage stress by;

i) Exercising

Exercising makes one have a fit and healthy body due to the realization of chemicals, which helps minimize stress, thus reducing hair loss.

ii) Thinking positively

It would be best if you always had a positive mind at all times. It will help you have a positive thought in life, even in difficult situations. Please don’t spend your time with negative thinkers since they might influence you to be the same.

iii) Techniques of relaxing

You can relax your mind through meditation, yoga activities, breathing exercises, etc., when you are alone. It will help you relieve stress that may cause hair loss.

iv) Consultation

You can always feel free to consult your doctor or therapist on the ways to handle stress. Also, you can attend guidance and counseling sessions about stress management to get some best stress management procedures.

2. Proper diet

Many people usually don’t maintain their diet, especially when they are stressed. As we all know, lack of proper nutrients, iron, and other vitamins may cause deficiency diseases, leading to hair loss. Therefore, it is always advisable to maintain your diet and eat the proper nutrients required for the cells responsible for hair growth.

3. Topical Treatment

There are some drugs available over the counter that can help regrow hair. Drugs such as minoxidil or rogaine are usually available in foam, spray and cream solutions and can help stop the falling out of hair and increase the hair density. You should use the drug according to the doctor’s prescription for you to avoid other complications.

4. Adopting various ways of hair care

It would help if you used hair conditioners or shampoos when washing your hair and use the right hairstyle, which is protective to your follicles to avoid any shedding of hair.


Hair loss due to stress makes people so uncomfortable, but you can rest assured of hair regrowth after returning to your usual way of leaving or days after using the treatments discussed above.

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