Treatment of Oligospermia with Stem Cells | Low Sperm Count Treatment

Introduction to Oligospermia

Oligospermia is also identified as low sperm count and complete absence of sperm or zero number of sperm is referred to as Azoospermia, which is a male fertility issue, which means the fluid ejaculates during the orgasm.

This carries the problems associated with men’s sexual health, which involves the ability to maintain an erection and produce ejaculation at orgasm. Sperm count during ejaculation changes throughout your life. A healthy quantity of sperm is essential for productivity.

Symptoms of Oligospermia

One of the main indications of oligospermia or low sperm count is the inability to conceive a child. Additional symptoms associated with low sperm count include:

  • Sexual function-related problems mean inability or difficulty in maintaining an erection or a low sex drive.
  • Pain, swelling in testicles or the surrounding area.
  • Any chromosome or hormonal changes, like decreased body or facial hairs.

You must have to get in touch with your medical consultant because of the inability to conceive a child after one year of proper unprotected intercourse.

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Causes of Low Sperm Count

Low sperm count or oligospermia can be caused by various health issues, treatment, and surgeries like,


It is an enlarged vein in mans’ scrotum which disrupts the blood flow in testicles.


Sexually transmitted infections can reduce the amount of sperm in semen causing infertility.

Inappropriate Ejaculation

People facing oligospermia report typical ejaculation issues which are responsible for lowering the numbers of sperm. The additional problem linked with ejaculation includes:

  • injuries
  • tumors
  • cancer
  • past surgeries


Several medications like antibiotics and blood pressure medications may be responsible for ejaculation problems by reducing sperms.

Hormonal Issues

Any hormonal changes and imbalance of hormones are responsible for lowering the numbers of sperm, as the brain and testicles produce several hormones which count for ejaculation and sperm production.

Overheating Testicles

Long sittings, placing loads over your genitals like laptops, and wearing tight clothes all result in overheating. Your sperm amount is reduced temporarily when the temperature increases around the testicles.

Use of Toxins

Marijuana, cocaine reduces the amount of sperm and smoking also affects the smoker’s sperm count as compared to the non-smokers.


Being overweight also results in lowering sperm count. Weight issues may also interfere with hormone production.

Low Sperm Count Treatment

General treatment and techniques are made to improve the amount of sperm at a greater level the treatment includes:

  • Surgery
  • Medications
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Hormone Treatment
  • Reproduction Assistance

Stem Cell Therapy The Best Alternative Treatment For Oligospermia

Stem Cell Therapy can treat oligospermia and the patients who are depressed for not having children because of the low sperm count are then able to have children after the successful stem cell treatment which stimulates the sperm quality and quantity to the desired level.

95% success rate can be seen in patients with oligospermia who are eligible for treatment.

In low sperm count or oligospermia, the stem cells turn into sperm cells that are reduced and allow them to multiply and produce more, as stem cells can divide again and again and take the place of any cells present in the body which are harmed or lost.

Stem cell treatment can be applied to all those adults who are even low at sperm count and helps them to recover and gain the desired amount of sperm.

The studies have shown that the patients who are unable to have offspring for years due to low sperm count can have children after the treatment.

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