5 Tips for Treating Acne without Visiting Any Doctor


Are you worried about recurring breakouts on your face? Pimples can be annoying and difficult to eradicate. The market is filled with over-promising acne-clearing products that barely work. The trick behind acne skincare is not choosing the most expensive products but rather buying the right ones. 

Building an effective acne skin care routine requires research and consistency. The best pimple and acne treatment is the one that suits you. To figure out what will work, you have to try different products and build an effective skincare routine. It is always advisable to visit a dermatologist in case of severe acne. Yet, before doing that try to nurture a healthy skin care habit to prevent acne. Here are some tips on how you can take care of your skin and improve acne.

treating acne

Buy acne products with active ingredients – 

The commercial products marketed as anti-acne skincare barely had any acne-controlling ingredients earlier. Thankfully, with each passing day brands are coming up with products with active ingredients in them. Ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, adapalene, and retinoids are extremely effective on acne. On the other hand, ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin c and likewise help with the improvement of skin texture. The effect of hyaluronic acid for sensitive skin is amazing. It is one of the safest ingredients in skin care products and helps plump up the skin. It is beneficial for post-acne treatment.

Pick the products wisely – 

Picking the right product can vary across individuals. What works for your friend may not work for you. Also, if you have sensitive skin you have to be extra cautious. Always do a patch test before applying any new product to your face. You can never know what can react to you. Always start with the lowest concentration of the product and slowly build up. 

Sometimes even one formulation works better than the other for individuals. You can also try layering multiple products for effective pimple and acne treatment. But make sure you know how to layer different skin care products with active ingredients. 

Follow good skin care practice – 

Following and maintaining good skin care practices is as essential as using the right product. Your expensive products won’t work wonders unless you make them do so. Start washing your face twice a day with an acne control face wash with ingredients like salicylic acid. Always use clean face towels to pat your skin dry. 

Avoid using too much quantity of any product. Use just the right amount to gain maximum benefit. If any products irritate the skin stop using that right away. Last but not least is to apply sunscreen. All your efforts will go in vain without the use of sunscreen.

Avoid touching your face – 

One common habit that aggravates acne is touching the face. We tend to have lots of germs on our palms and putting unclean hands will transfer them to our face. Always try to clean your face immediately after heavy activity and sweating a lot. If you have active acne touching them can worsen the situation.

Know when to consult the dermatologist – 

After trying everything if your acne does not improve, go visit a doctor. Sometimes acne is the manifestation of some underlying health issue. Acne caused by hormonal imbalance is pretty common in women. In that case, you must undergo a thorough examination. If the acne is leaving scars and pigmentation it is better to consult a dermatologist. 


Lastly, you have to be patient with your pimple and acne treatment. It will take time to show results. With the right use of the products, it is possible to reduce and prevent acne. Even after getting rid of active acne, maintaining a healthy skincare routine is necessary.