7 Ways to treat chronic back pain without surgery

Life is a cycle of growth and but we eventually end from where we start. At first, our bones are weak and with time they grow and get strong.

The cycle of growth is beautiful if you take care of your health throughout. With time, all the organs, bones, and joints get weak and their function also slows down.

This process of slowing done is what we call aging. Aging is something we cannot avoid and with aging comes pain, weakness, and loss of strength.

chronic back pain

Chronic back pain is a common disorder observed in old age people because of weak muscles, bones, and joints. Before we get into its treatment it is essential to understand the theory of chronic back pain.

Chronic Back Pain

There are two different types of back pain. One of them is acute and the other is known as chronic. They are classified based on their duration and time to get healed.

The acute type of back pain is mostly associated with trauma and it stays for a few days or weeks. On the other side chronic back pain also known as old back pain takes weeks to get healed.

The duration of chronic back pain is around 12 weeks and sometimes longer. If somebody suffers persistent low back pain for a year it is categorized as chronic low back pain.

Chronic low back pain is more common in old-age females because of the early onset of degenerative changes in bones and joints. 

There are different causes of chronic low back pain but most of them are related to low bone density, degenerative changes, and nerve compression.

The treatment of chronic low back is based on its cause. Most people think surgery is the last option for chronic low back pain, but it is not true

According to pain management in phoenixthere are seven different ways to treat it without surgery and they include

Physical Therapy

The fundamental treatment for chronic low back pain without surgical intervention is physical therapy. It is an exercise-based treatment that includes strengthening and stretching of back muscles.

There are different exercises for different chronic low back conditions and symptoms. For this purpose, you have to contact a physician who is an expert in spine physical therapy. 

The process of physical therapy starts with testing the pain limits and causes. After working on time limits the physiotherapist performs stretching, strengthening, and flexibility exercises on the patient with chronic low back pain. 

They also retrain patients’ posture and help them maintain correct posture to avoid chronic low back pain. 

Mindfulness and Medication

Chronic low back pain is not just a strain on the back but it also affects your mental health. Continuous pain causes irritability and frustration and that affects mental health.

Sometimes chronic low back touches different psychological effects and causes depression in some percent of people. If there is the involvement of psychological affect treat it first or refer to a rehabilitation psychologist. 


Poor diet and vitamin C and D deficiency are the leading cause of chronic low back pain in most males and females. The best way to treat chronic low back pain is to take a vitamin in rich diet that reduces pressure on your spine.

Lifestyle Modifications

Lifestyle modifications like taking a break from mowing the lawn, carrying groceries, and climbing stairs. Avoid activities that increase pain and take rest whenever pain aggravates.

Lifestyle modifications are the best way to avoid chronic low back pain because factors like smoking and nicotine intake aggravate low back pain in patients.

Injection based Treatment

For unknown sources of pain injection-based treatment is the best. Epidural steroid injections block the nerves and decrease pain. Injections are a temporary option but they lessen pain for some time.

Alternative treatments

Alternative options for chronic low back pain are electrical nerve stimulation, laser therapy, massage, acupuncture, and some others.

For alternative options talk to your spine specialist and use the alternative technique that suits your low back condition.

Pharmacologic treatments

Pharmacologic medicines like anti-inflammatory, analgesics, and muscle relaxant control chronic low back pain by reducing pain. Some people prefer opioids but research shows that they are not a good option.