Quick Ways To Treat Acidity: How To Prevent Heartburn

If you experience heartburn, you must know the feeling. It causes discomfort followed by hiccups, burning sensations, and acid burps. If you know the reason behind heartburn, it would be easy to get rid of it. 

Unhealthy food, bad eating habits, not drinking enough water, disturbed sleeping cycles, and following an unhealthy lifestyle are the main problems that cause heartburn. It is a common problem these days as most of us raw following an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Whatever the reason is, heartburn is uncomfortable, and everybody is looking for instant ways to treat and get rid of the inconvenience it causes. There are several natural ways to reduce acidity, but Pan Tablet is the quickest and most effective way to control the symptoms. We suggest you consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner and learn about Pan tablet Uses to avoid the side effects. Although the table is safe to use, it might not be suitable for everyone. Also, the dosage depends on the health condition of the individual. 

treat acidity heartburn

Now learn other ways to reduce gastroesophageal reflux or acidity, or heartburn symptoms. 

Simple Ways To Treat Acidity At Home: Quick And Effective

Heartburn is the most common problem these days. If you struggle with acidity, you can follow the below-mentioned ways to treat it. We will also discuss preventions, so stay tuned till the end of the post. 


Ginger, the major ingredient in the kitchen, has been used as the aiding ingredient for heartburn. It helps relieve nausea, so it is believed that it may be worth trying for heartburn. 

Using ginger as an acid-treating ingredient is easy. Just add grated ginger or diced roots to your favorite recipes, including tea, soups, and other foods, or just drink a ginger tea bag in hot water booking water to make ginger tea.

It is probably the best way to avoid heartburn quickly. There are various beverages and ginger-loaded items available in the market. They might flavour like ginger, but they do not have natural ginger properties. 

Mix Baking Soda With Water

You might face heartburn at any time. So you need an in-hand remedy ready around you to calm some episodes of heartburn. Backing soda is easily available in the kitchen. That’s why it is the best home remedy for acidity. 

It is simple to use. All you need to do is mix a tablespoon of baking soda in the glass of water and drink it slowly. In fact, you should drink everything slowly if you are experiencing heartburn. 

Loosen Clothing

It might surprise you, but it is true. Wearing loose clothes can help you to treat acidity. Heartburn happens when the food in your stomach rises up and goes into your esophagus, where the stomach acid burns the tissues. 

Tight clothes can compress your stomach and lead to this situation. Therefore, it is often asked to loosen your belt, pants, dress, or whatever else is holding you tight. 

Take Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider vinegar is another simple home remedy to treat heartburn. It is believed that diluted apple cider vinegar after a meal may help to alleviate heartburn. However, it works on some people only as there is no significant evidence for this, and more research would require to prove this. 

How To Prevent Heartburn Or Acid Reflux?

Although there are remedies available to treat acidity, it is always better to take the prevention to reduce the symptoms and quality of life. Here are a few tips that are effective in preventing heartburn. 

Chew Gum

A few studies told that chewing gum might decrease the acidity in the esophagus. Chewing gum also produce salvia, which may clear the esophagus of acid. 

Sleep On Your Left Side

Several studies said that sleeping on your right side may worsen the symptoms. That is why it is asked to sleep on the left side if you want to trigger the acidity. 

While sleeping on the right side is not possible all night, sleeping for some time could make you more comfortable. 

Eat Dinner Earlier

Having dinner just before sleeping can trigger acidity. If you want to prevent acidity, consider eating dinner at least three hours before sleeping. It will give it enough time to digest and help you to sleep well. 

Manage Weight

Being overweight is one of the main causes of acidity. Fat located above your stomach can disturb the digestion cycle. If you have excess belly fat, the pressure in your abdomen may become so high that the lower esophageal sphincter gets pushed upward and cause acidity. 

Maintaining a moderate weight can help you to prevent acid reflux. 

Bottom Line

Heartbeat is common but uncomfortable. The good thing is it can be treated with home remedies or over-the-counter tablets like PAN tablets. Also, following a healthy lifestyle is beneficial in preventing heartburn.