Top 5 Reasons: Stem Cells are the Next Frontier for Diabetes Treatment

What is Diabetes

Diabetes is a long-lasting health condition that arises when your blood glucose exceeds the required limit.

Blood glucose comes from the food you eat and that happens when you eat something your pancreas releases insulin that broken down your food into glucose and then it gets into your cells that uses as energy.

So, when this routine is disturbed and your pancreas does not produce the desired amount of insulin or use it properly then your glucose remains in your blood and doesn’t reach the cells then this causes diabetes.

Types of Diabetes

There are three main types of diabetes:

  1. Type 1 Diabetes
  2. Type 2 Diabetes
  3. Gestational Diabetes

Causes and Prevention of Diabetes

Main Risk factors for diabetes include:

  • Overweight
  • Lack of physical activities
  • Family background having diabetes
  • Age factors
  • High blood pressure

Precautionary measures

General steps you can take to prevent diabetes:

  • Healthy diet
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Physical activities
  • If diabetes becomes more complicated then you have to take oral drugs.
  • Proper use of insulin to controls the blood sugar level.

Diabetes Treatment with Regenerative Medicines

Diabetes treatment with regenerative medicines includes stem cell therapy which is nowadays considered the most effective treatment for diabetic patients.

The foremost step of prevention from diabetes is to stabilizing the insulin level. Nowadays undergoing treatment of diabetes is by providing insulin through injection into the body for managing and stabilizing the blood glucose level. 

This procedure requires testing and checking the blood glucose levels multiple times a day for carefully maintaining and balancing the insulin level. 

Stem cell treatment holds a monstrous guarantee for the treatment of patients with diabetes. Examination of the capacity of human undeveloped stem cells to separate into islet cells has characterized the formative stages and record factors associated with this cycle. Nonetheless, the clinical utilization of human undeveloped stem cells is restricted by moral worries, just as the potential for teratoma arrangement. 

As an outcome, elective types of stem cell treatments, for example, instigated pluripotent stem cells, umbilical line stem cells, and bone marrow-determined mesenchymal stem cells, have become a zone of extraordinary investigation. Late advances in stem cell treatment may transform this into a reasonable treatment for diabetes soon.

Top Reasons Diabetes Treatment with Regenerative Medicines

Stem cells can regenerate new cells and tissues. This therapy can help in treating major diseases like; severe injuries associated with the neural structure, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, heart diseases, and even burns.

Here are some advantages:

  • It gives health advantages in the fields of therapeutic cloning and regenerative medicine.
  • Stem cell treatments can offer key advantages for your actual wellbeing and prosperity:
  • Turn around aggravation
  • Control the immune system
  • Restore cell-to-cell correspondence
  • Replace damaged cells
  • Regenerate normal blood flow

Diabetes Treatment with Regenerative Medicines

Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic, the most effective stem cell Therapy Treatment Hospital , has set a goal to serve its patients with quality and advanced treatment. The stem cell treatment for type 1&2 diabetes is prepared to line a benchmark medical technology.

Diverse stem cell models are used for the successful cultivation of beta-cell, but the foremost effective ones are the umbilical cord and also the Amniotic Stem Cells. These are approved by the Food and Drug Administration United States.

Shifa Regenerative & Rejuvenation Clinic uses both the umbilical cord and Amniotic Stem Cells for treating Type 1 Diabetes. For more information visit or email us

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