Top 10 Muay Thai Beginner Tips

Muay Thai is a traditional form of Martial Arts across the globe. Unlike other martial arts forms, Muay Thai is more about competition and sparring. Although with the training of it, you can get the most cardio benefits out of it.

Apparently, for the newcomers learning Muay Thai can be an intricate game to be good at. Here, I will advise some useful tips that might assist you in getting into Muay Thai as a beginner. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Use quality equipment

As a Muay Thai beginner, you have to comprehend the effectiveness of decent quality equipment. There are lots of occurrences and accidents can take place in the practice and even in the ring. Prevention is better than cure, as we firmly believe in this saying, we need to be equipped no matter what. 

There is some elementary stuff that is always advisable, such as Gloves, Mouthguard, Hand Wraps, along with Shin guards and Headgear.

Invest in the equipment of your own, because in this era after the pandemic you cannot wear gear that is commonly applied in gyms. Safety matters the most in the end, after all. 

Do shadowboxing 

You cannot accomplish anything until you want it real hard. Shadowboxing is a method of imaginary boxing practice without any prop. It might feel ridiculous in the first place, I know. 

But at the beginning of Muay Thai training, this drill will aid you a lot to get better in striking, combinations and footwork as well. 

While practicing shadowbox, keep in mind without proper execution, it may lead to sterile technique and ultimately abated your performance. Know your combos, particular sequence of movements and try to get better in those every day.

Progress daily, Be consistent

An essential thing is universal among all of the champion Muay Thai fighter out there. That is consistency. Utilizing every practice session, monitoring everyday progress, you will be certainly able to crack the code to be the best one.

Daily practicing won’t be a reachable goal for many beginners. Hence, they can do their training at least thrice in a week. Push yourself towards the barrier, come out from your inner inhibition, break down the insecurities. Thus, you will be able to walk along on the path of the champions.

Stretch to be flexible 

In any sport, flexibility is as essential as your skills and maneuvers. A flexible body can enhance your mobility which will dramatically increase your chances to win it. And that is what stretching can do for you. Before the training session, you have to stretch to prevent muscle cramp and to fall into injuries.

Don’t be fooled by muscle building drills all the time. Core workout will enrich your core energy, and conventional stretching will clear the path for achieving maximum flexibility. 

Gather relevant knowledge 

The more you contact with people of this field, the more you get to know significant info. In gyms, many athletes come every day who are quite keen on Martial arts. Accompanying with your trainer, get involved with those people as well. 

Ask for their help, if you are struggling with anything that comes across while your couch is not around. Apart from this, eventually, your practicing time will be more enjoyable than before. A community of athletes can develop you mentally with their guidance and other beneficial recommendations.

Drink water as much as you can

Being hydrated all the time is an undeniable requirement. Our body possesses around 70 per cent of water. When a learner at the beginning level, their body tends to dehydrate fast as it is trying to cope with the newer body movements. 

Dehydration can cause serious problem to the body, for instance, less endurance, headaches, dizziness and other uncomfortable health conditions. So, to prevent all of these take your bottle full of water and keep sipping from it while practicing.

Daily Run or treadmill

In my personal opinion, running has helped me a lot. Running has been a beneficial experience for me for the last couple of years and boost my utter performance. In the beginning, this may make you too tired and breathless. 

However, soon your stamina will shoot the roof as your endurance will increase gradually.

Start small, set a comparatively reachable milestone for your own. And go for a convenient running session. Otherwise, you can hit the gym and run on a treadmill. Remember, running is the best form of cardio unarguably. 

Be a spectator of the sport

Muay Thai is a wildly cherished sport and loved by the people of all ages. Hence, many events are happening everywhere. As you are going to be a Muay Thai fighter, there is no way to ignore watching this game. Scientific research found that watching a sport even can help you to get good at it without even practice.

So, you have to watch a lot to progress as a beginner. Through TV or online streaming, you can observe current competitions and previous popular games that took place in history.

Practice, Practice and Practice

This point might seem very obvious, yet there is no option, excluding practice to become a better player. Every great fighter is obsessed with the game. Always seek for the lacking that can be improved.

 Every time keep asking your coach whenever you find any doubt, struggling with moves, diet chart, or defense techniques. It can be anything but don’t indulge procrastination. 

Be proactive and always find a way to grow your existing skills and mindset. 

Take rest and repeat your day

Recovering muscle tissues from frequent hardcore training, you have to take proper rest. Without adequate relaxation, the body won’t allow you to give its best shot. Eventually, you will fall sick and lose the possibility to be the best in the business. 

At least get 7-8 hours of sound sleep, so that your body gets sufficient time to build your muscle and repair it from the intense pressure obtained from the training.

Wrapping Up

The idea of this guide is to accustom you with the trend of this popular martial arts form. If you are a beginner yet dedicated enough, adhere to achieve the goal, then keep doing it with your whole heart and passion. Through gaining muscle memory, in the long run, you can be the one, you can be the best.

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