Too Lazy to Train? Learn How to Win This Battle

If the laziness of training insists on giving you that tight hug every time you think about getting off the couch, we have good news: this is not a definitive sentence. It is possible to improve the willingness to train by putting simple and effective tips into practice – and the experts guarantee it. 

“Little physical activity means less cardiovascular work and a constant feeling of tiredness”, says Diego Villa-Lobos, physical educator in the Smart Fit technical department. The secret, then, is to break that cycle. Next, we’ll tell you how.

Best time to exercise and chase away the laziness of training

We could start by saying that it is preferable to train in the morning because it helps to wake up the body and makes the brain more alert, two benefits already proven by science. And, frankly, after a day at work, who wins the battle: the gym or the couch? Undoubtedly, more willpower is needed to exercise when we are tired. Waking up early, however, is far from being the only alternative. Just imagine starting a day by trying to overcome laziness with something that’s not at all pleasurable. It is more difficult seriously. 

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Working out later also has its advantages. A study published by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, in the United States, points out that we perform better strength and flexibility when the sun is setting. What’s more, the perceived effort (how heavy you feel your body is working) is less. Scientists attribute these effects to the biological clock, which, at the end of the day, is in full swing.

In the morning, in the afternoon, or at night, the important thing is to establish a fixed time to practice physical activity and gain regularity. Another survey, this time published in the American newspaper Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, shows that people who exercise at the same time every day have less fatigue and perform more satisfactorily in their activities. The maximum fitness “the only bad training is the one that didn’t happen” has its value, after all. For better results, you can also buy humatrope online.

Set goals and dribble the laziness to train

Expectation and reality go together when we set achievable goals. Diego Villa-Lobos teaches that dividing a big goal into shorter stages is a way to stay motivated, but not overwhelmed.  That feeling of ‘I don’t want to do anything’ is not going to surface”. 

Another good strategy is to focus your efforts on the fitness habits you want to achieve, rather than just focusing on the pounds you want to lose, to set an example. The idea is that the goal is realistic and practical enough to be challenging, but not impossible. 

Do what makes you happy

Is there an ideal exercise for those who don’t have the energy to even wear gym clothes and go to the gym? “You can’t say that people who are too lazy to train will prefer one mode or another”, says Diego Villa-Lobos. The first step, according to him, is to find a purpose that motivates you enough to exercise. Remember: laziness starts to go away when we set a palpable goal in the short or medium term.

After that, you need to find a class or activity with which you have minimal identification. It may seem obvious, but if you don’t like exercise, you don’t want to do it. Why insist on a high intensity HIT workout done on the treadmill without a break or active breaks, if you enjoy the atmosphere of a yoga class? 

If you prefer to be outdoors, think about walking or cycling. If you like to socialize, opt for sports or group classes, and so on. “With the frequency of a pleasant activity, we are more willing”, assures the physical educator. The ideal physical activity for those who feel lazy (or not) is challenging and rewarding to the same extent.

Anti-laziness feeding

The lack of energy can be a sign that your diet is not the healthiest. When the body is lacking in some element – iron, potassium, protein and sugar, for example -, it is almost certain that it will beat a discouragement to train. It’ll be great to consult a professional to help adjust the menu. 

“Maintaining an unbalanced diet directly impacts training results and your willingness to train”, comments João Tavares, nutritionist at Smart Nutri (application with online consultation and chat with specialists). A sugar-filled diet, for example, raises the rate of glucose in the bloodstream. “At first, we even got energy. But, soon after, comes the setback: the sugar spike followed by the abrupt drop generates fatigue”. Meanwhile, fatty foods, according to the expert, require energy for digestion. What to do, then?

Before anything, stay hydrated. “If  person has difficulty in drinking water, try to make recipes with flavoured water”, suggests the expert. The energy, in turn, can come from carbohydrates such as oats, granola, sweet potatoes or brown rice. This list also includes fruits and foods rich in good fats – nuts, flaxseeds and fish are good choices. Coffee and green tea also help in energy, but it is worth paying attention to the time you will consume, because, depending on your sensitivity, it can affect the quality of your sleep.

7 steps to say goodbye to laziness to train

Small (and valuable) tricks to be motivated and overcome the laziness of training: 

  1. Set a big goal and shorter steps to get there; be realistic, okay?
  2. Choose the mode that has the most to do with you. Obey your personal tastes.
  3. Review the feed. Consult an expert to improve some points.
  4. Invite friends to your next workout.
  5. Schedule yourself: set a training schedule. Going to the gym? Nice! Organize your suitcase and snacks in advance.
  6. Put a playlist of animated songs to play.
  7. Do not give up! Bookmark this page in your browser and read it again when necessary. A dose of motivation a click away.

Bye, laziness. Hello, cheers!

Finally, it is worth reinforcing: feeling unwell to exercise is common, an organism’s response to stress and mental tiredness to which we are exposed on a daily basis. For long periods, however, extreme laziness can indicate more serious health problems, such as depression. So, it is important to investigate the causes of your discouragement.

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