Tips to Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers at the Early Stages

Diabetes is one of the hardest diseases to manage and keep on track. A little slacking on your sugar restrictions and you can end up with severe problems like nerve damage and improper blood flow. Both these things can lead to diabetic ulcers in your feet and once they happen, they only get worse. They need proper medical attention and strict medical care for proper healing.

And, if you already have nerve damage, proper foot care and sugar control are the only ways to prevent further damage to your ulcerated feet.

diabetic foot ulcer treatment

The diabetic foot ulcer treatment is one of the most critical treatments and must be done by expert medical practitioners, otherwise, the situation can get worse and you might require surgical removal of your foot or its parts.

Below, we are going to share some tips to prevent diabetic foot ulcers in the early stages.

So, read them thoroughly and make sure you follow these tips.

7 Tips to Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers at the Early Stages

  1. Maintain the cleanliness of your feet

Wash your feet with warm water once or twice a day. If your feet are prone to corn or dry skin, you can use a pumice stone for gentle scrubbing as well. Dry your feet with a soft towel, including the areas between your toes. Finally, you must moisturize your feet with lotion or cream.

You can also get medicated lotion or cream for your feet after consulting a doctor.

  • Keep a watch on your feet and cuts or injuries

There must not be any corns, injuries, sores, swelling, itchy areas or blisters on your feet. Always wear proper footwear and ensure that they are cleaned and washed properly. Wearing too tight or too loose shoes can hurt your feet. And, don’t go on long walks in open slippers or sandals as they can rub against the skin and cause wounds.

If you are unable to keep a watch on your feet, or you find it hard to bend and check your feet properly, either use a mirror or take help from someone.

  • Exercise precaution while cutting your nails

While cutting nails is important to maintain the hygiene of your nails and feet, it is also important to ensure that you dont injure or cut yourself in the process. Always cut them straight and use high-quality trimmers or nail cutters. You can also sterilize them before cutting your nails.

You can also take help from someone else to get your nails cut, so as to avoid getting hurt. If your budget allows, you can take the services of a certified podiatrist who can administer proper foot care.

  • Stop Smoking and drinking

You might be surprised, but smoking can aggravate your blood flow problems and can adversely affect your wounds. If you drink hard liquor or alcohol, you must stop it. Alcohol consumption will affect the healing of your wounds and you will be facing a hard time later.

Further, if you are planning to take Ayurvedic or Herbal medicine for diabetes and diabetic ulcer management, you have to quit smoking and drinking altogether. Both these things will not let the medicines get absorbed properly.

  • Avoid walking barefoot

It is one of the most important things to do. You must stop walking barefoot if you are a diabetic. A minor cut or chaffing can result in ulcers or wounds that can escalate in hours and might lead to serious conditions. Further, when you walk barefoot, you are highly likely to get germs and bacteria from the floor and other unclean surfaces on your feet. So, always wear slippers while walking.

  • Getting the right pair of shoes

As mentioned above, you must always buy and wear good quality shoes that fit your feet well. Don’t wear too small, too tight or too loose shoes. Wear orthopaedic shoes as they have comforting soles. Also, we recommend wearing socks under the shoes, as it is very common to get blisters on your feet while wearing shoes without socks.

Now that we are talking about socks, you must always wear clean, dry and soft socks. Avoid wearing woollen socks over your feet directly. Wear double nylon socks or woollen socks over them to deal with the winters.

Further, never wear them without washing. Use good fabric detergent that will keep them soft and smooth even after washing.

  • Don’t deal with any foot condition on your own

Be it corns, cuts, wounds, blisters, blemishes and swelling, never ever touch or try to treat them at home. Go for a checkup immediately and get your feet checked. Get proper treatment from the doctor and follow the precautions strictly. Otherwise, if you get your wound infected, it can lead to surgical removal of rotten parts of your feet.

Best Ayurvedic Medicines for Diabetic Foot Ulcers

If you are planning to get Ayurvedic treatment for your diabetic ulcers or venous ulcers, you must consult the Ayurvedic practitioners at your earliest. They will check your condition and ten prescribe the medicines and dietary or lifestyle changes.

Some of the best Ayurvedic medicines for treating diabetic foot conditions include:

  • Vasant Kusumakar Ras
  • Chandraprabha Vati
  • Haritaki
  • Katupila Kalka/ Paanduraphalika
  • Tila Taila or Sesame Oil
  • Jatyadi Oil      

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