9 Tips to Protect Your Hair Overnight

Beauty sleep is not all about skin, instead, it covers your hair too. We spend plenty of time on our nighttime skincare regimen, but do we make this for our hair?  Most of the time our nighttime hair care routine is overlooked.  We must take care of our tresses before sleep; a good bedtime habit will help you to do so. When we sleep, our hair is exposed to many polluting factors. When we are on our REM cycle, our body stops its defence mechanism. Thus, the humidity of the room, pollution, temperature, and fabric of the pillow affects our hair tresses.

Considering all of the above menacing factors we need to follow a basic hair care routine to protect our hair overnight.

Here we will give you nine ways to protect your hair. Let’s check out them.

Our hair tresses are just like our bodies. Our body needs proper rest to get revitalized in the morning, in a similar way, our hair also needs nighttime pampering to get rejuvenated and look healthy in the morning.  Our hair also needs to breathe. So please ensure you don’t tie it tightly like a hair does while sleeping. Below are the few steps you need to add to your night care routine to get lustrous hair.

1. Moisturize your hair deeply

Like our skin, the hair also needs deep hydration. Moisturization seals the moisture of our tresses and makes our strands healthy. For that, you must use a leave-in conditioner, and serum looks to make your hair frizz-free and healthy.  You can use the healthy ayurvedic pack for deep moisturization. Use deep conditioning spa cream, apply it overnight and rinse it in the morning with normal water. This remedy will help you to prevent breakage and reduce dryness.

2. Don’t sleep with wet hair

If you would love to wash your hair at night, then please dry it out properly before you sleep. Never sleep with wet hair as wet hair is more vulnerable to damage by the humidity of the water and room. After shampooing gently towel dry your hair, then use a professional heat protectant serum, and then use a blow dryer, this process will help you to maintain healthy hair overnight.

3. Don’t go to bed with locked unbrushed hair

If you go to bed with locked hair, then your hair is going to damage for sure. It takes only a few minutes to detangle hair through brushing.  Brushing is therapeutic because it is a natural way to activate your scalp and allow the scalp’s natural oil to reach the hair stand till the end. We would suggest you use a wide tooth wooden comb to avoid breakage and hair fall. Be gentle while you are brushing your hair.

4. an overnight treatment is also good

The best time to pamper your scalp and hair strands is nighttime or bedtime.  Use a nourishing serum on your scalp overnight to stimulate the hair follicle and improve hair growth.  You can also use a nourishing hair mask like a coconut-avocado hair mask overnight, it is a hair-repairing treatment, that should be done at night. You can do this 15 days apart in a month for a better outcome.

5. Overnight oiling can be a good choice

Oiling is a good way to keep your hair healthy. Oiling has enough nutritional value.  Therefore, overnight oiling is way more beneficial for your scalp. It would stimulate your scalp and facilitates your hair growth. Extra virgin coconut oil is good for nighttime hair care treatment because it contains essential fatty acids and vitamin E that basically help your hair to lock its moisture through the night.

6. A silk pillowcase can be best for your hair

Don’t forget to use a silk pillowcase to protect your hair from friction-associated damage. The silk pillowcase has a smooth surface that protects your hair from tossing and turning during bedtime and allows your hair to retain its moisture.

7. Bedtime massage

Bedtime massage increases blood circulation. It increases blood flow to your hair follicles and facilitates the process of nutrient absorption, which basically promotes hair growth. A good massage of the scalp can be helpful to densify your hair as well.

8. Don’t tightly tie your hair at night

Yes, it is important. Don’t tie your hair tightly at night, it is best to leave your hair untied. Instead of doing so, comb your hair with a loose braid. Don’t use metal or rubber ties, instead pick soft silk, and headwrap. When you tightly tie your hair, it has become prone to breakage, and damage.

Dry shampoo keeps your hair healthy

Your hair is prone to damage when it is wet. Excessive shampoo can damage your hair from the root because it completely soaks the natural oil of the hair and makes the strand dry and brittle. Dry shampoo can be a good substitute for liquid shampoo because doesn’t wet your hair. You just have to apply this product to the root overnight to clean the hair, and you will get a refreshed look. Conclusion: There are plenty of remedies you can try out to protect your hair, but if you are going through baldness and extreme hair fall, then you need to rethink it. You must consult with a hair care expert to understand the problem and may recommend a hair transplant for women.