Tips for staying healthy for seniors

treadmill running

Engage in physical activity

Regular physical activity is highly recommended for your health. Exercising Can Help You Maintain Your Fitness, to fight against a sedentary lifestyle, to age in good health and thus to reduce the appearance of cardiovascular diseases or chronic diseases. If certain physical activities carry a significant risk for your health which can lead to falls, other solutions exist to practice sport in complete safety and to stay in good shape: brisk walking, the gym, fitness, treadmill running, etc. jogging, tai chi or swimming. To avoid injury, start with warming up and stretching and limit your exercise to 30 minutes per day depending on your endurance and ability. If you feel any sign of dehydration, remember to hydrate yourself well with water and / or fruit juice. Practicing regular and adapted physical activity is also a good way to preserve the autonomy of the elderly. 

Eat a balanced diet

While sport is ideal for maintaining good health, it is also the case with a healthy diet. This is why it is essential to maintain or adopt good habits on a daily basis. To have a good diet , eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day. Favor foods rich in vitamin, omega 3 and calcium. You can eat red meat, starches (rice, wheat, pulses, grains, soybeans, almonds) and dairy products like plain yogurt and cheese. With these eating habits, you will have a nutritional intake of iron, protein, fat and carbohydrates with each meal. Being in good health also requires a balanced diet where you limit fat like butter, eggs, olive oil and sugary drinks. To find out more, you can call on a dietitian who can advise you on vitamin and mineral food supplements (vitamin C, vitamin D, etc.). You can also avail a good discount purchasing your health diet things with discount coupons

Regularly consult your attending physician

Over the years, it becomes necessary for an elderly person to visit their doctor or geriatrician regularly . The goal is to control your immune system and to anticipate the appearance of certain diseases related to age and your lifestyle (cholesterol, diabetes , high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, etc.). With aging, many diseases can lead to a loss of autonomy. This is the reason why you should not wait before making an appointment with specialists. This is especially the case if your relative or loved one has hearing problems, vision problems or dental problems that are very common after a certain age.

Maintain a social bond

With retirement, loneliness and a feeling of isolation can easily set in for the elderly. It is sometimes difficult to adapt to your new daily life and find occupations. This is why it is essential for his mental health to maintain a social link with the outside world. Family visits and the practice of social activities make it possible in particular to ensure the well-being of the person and his maintenance at home . If the degree of dependence of the elderly person is too great, it is possible to call on the services of Senior Compagnie to support them on a daily basis. In addition to home helping the essential facts of life, our carers also offer leisure activities (board games, making photo albums, writing, etc.) and ensure quality companionship through a relationship of trust and sharing. The goal is to provide moral support to the person so that they are in the best conditions to live serenely at home and postpone their placement in a retirement home or nursing home for as long as possible. 


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