How to Tighten Your Skin at Home?

Do you love the effects after face tightening? Are you a skincare fanatic who is deprived of skincare treatments? If yes, you must be pondering how to get your skin tightening treatment done during the pandemic. We must reflect on the changing skin conditions before the room for improvement vanishes away. We all want to look young and good but may lag in taking the right care at the right time. And the pandemic caused the greatest halt this time.

In times like these, when skin tightening treatment at dermatologists’ clinic is not possible, this article is all you need to get your substitute done at home. There is no need to use any needle or blade; some products and gentle care are enough to keep the skin healthy during this halt. Before we start, let’s first understand some facts about skin tightening treatment

What is Skin Tightening Treatment? 

It is a derma treatment that boosts collagen production in the deepest layers of skin and enhances elasticity. This treatment blocks skin sagging, looseness, double chin occurrence, longer ear lobes, etc. 

What Makes Face Tightening Popular? 

Face tightening makes one look younger as it nourishes the skin in its deepest layers. It benefits the skin in numerous ways like it makes facial lines less visible, prevents jowls and double chin from appearing, enhances collagen production and elasticity. 

In general, people start this treatment in their 30s or 40s. But due to its exceptional results, skin enthusiasts get it done even before they really require it. 

Since the pandemic is yet not over and we all are locked, follow these practices to tighten skin till life goes back to normal:

Use Peptides

Dermatologists have added, your face movement lines are recoverable even if you are missing out on your injectable skin treatments. But during the gap time between your last and future injectable round, plumping the skin with some peptides is crucial. It helps in smoothing those lines for a short period. Peptides are proteins for skin cells that help in collagen production.  

Use Gentle Exfoliant

Have you tried basic skin exfoliation at home? For the convenience of having chemical peels, we always avoid the other resources we have in abundance. If you are pondering over how to promote skin-cell turnover, lactic or mandelic acid is the answer. It will help in brightening the skin. Try to avoid or not go out at all to avoid sun exposure after the peeling process.

Hydrate your skin

Keep It Glowing with Proper Hydration

Hydrating your skin is as crucial as hydrating our body. You can revitalize and get your skin brightened again following a simple process. Start with cleansing, exfoliate the skin with glycolic or salicylic acid-containing products and let the fresher cell develop. To protect the skin against free radicals and other ageing symptoms apply a vitamin C serum the next day. And lock the serum with your favourite moisturizer. 

Shape It Up with Jade Rollers

Do you know about the various benefits of using jade rollers? Various researches have proven the fact that jade rollers help to plump and improve the skin. It has various other advantages as it helps in soothing skin, assists with lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation and oxygen flow, etc. For a better result, use a serum that contains hyaluronic acid before using the roller. 

Hydrate Lips to Keep it Plumpy 

What about the lips? Fillers make lips look very attractive, but lip glosses are also a better substitute for the time being. Keeping it hydrated all the time with good glosses or lip balms will enhance its plumpness easily. 

Hydrate Lips

Focus on Maintaining Skin Quality 

Maintaining a healthy skin regimen is crucial if you missed your laser treatment. Until the time you meet your dermatologist to complete the treatment series, focus on keeping the skin clean and well-moisturized. Try to keep the skin in the best condition and shape you can. 

To sum it up, if you are determined, you can achieve what you want; having glowing and evenly toned skin is not an exception. All you need to do is detailed research to heal your skin with the best ingredients and products. Have tightened skin at home by following these easy and effective instructions.

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