Some Vital Things You Should Know About Six Month Smile Braces

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What are Six Month Smile braces?

Six Months braces are one of the latest innovations in orthodontics, bringing your teeth in a straight line with an average of six months usage. The most important difference between this treatment and metal braces is the time it takes for the invisible braces to align your teeth. This advancement in dental care can help you smile with more geometric balance in just six months.

Before invisible braces were introduced to the market, it would be impossible to fathom any effective and lasting dental treatment that would take less than a year, and a whole lot of wires and restrictions to straighten your teeth.

With this miracle of technology, you can get tangible results in just six months, while looking as if you are not wearing any braces.

It takes six months to get your teeth in line, not longer

Six-month smile braces in London incorporate a set of wires made out of a titanium-nickel alloy, which only attaches to your front teeth in lieu of your whole teeth set, and gradually moves them to the desired position. Although this is mostly a cosmetic treatment, rather than one focused on how your teeth function. Your smile will be more beautiful than it ever was, but your bite patterns will remain mostly the same.

Are six months of braces painful to install?

At first glance, you may think that a shorter treatment time means the braces will exert more pressure on your teeth and gums. We admit that would be quite painful, and it wouldn’t last long after you removed the braces. We assure you that is not the case with six months smile braces – the realignment process is quite slow, and it mostly focuses on how your teeth will look in a smile.

Do I still wear a retainer with six months smile braces?

Retainers are a necessity when receiving any dental realignment treatment; they protect your gums and ensure that your teeth will not fall back to their original form. You can either opt for a permanent retainer or a temporary one.

Will it hurt to have six months’ braces during the treatment?

Most customers who have reached out after the treatment have stated that they have not felt any pain during the process. Six-month smile braces in London apply minimum force on your teeth and move them with persistence rather than pressure. Although some patients have sensitive teeth in general and any external push could be painful for them. You can turn to home remedies and painkillers to deal with the pain if it is not too bothersome. If you feel like the braces are hurting your teeth too much or the pain lasts longer than expected, it is recommended to contact your dentist for a visit.

How effective are six months braces considering their short treatment period?

Just like every other dental solution, the first few days will feel a little weird until you get used to an external component in your mouth. But by the time you start to feel comfortable, you can be sure that the teeth have already started to shift, so preliminary results will be visible in the first few weeks. After that, each month will bring some progress until the treatment is complete. You can take pictures yourself, to see if there have been any developments.

After 5 months, you will experience significant results. Although it takes less time in some cases, while six months braces are named like that, it may take around 4 months for some patients. During this time, and based on the assessment of your dental health provider, you may need a handful of adjustments to your braces but we will get into more details about that later.

In most cases, six months will be more than enough time to reshape your smile. You can strut around with a new smile and walk around parties flashing the pearly whites at innocent bystanders. Of course, you will still have to wear a retainer post-treatment to keep the teeth in line, until your gums are used to the new alignment.

Ways to keep your six months braces intact:

Clean them up

Braces can become a breeding ground for bacteria because of the way they are positioned in your mouth. It is recommended to brush the braces and the wires at an angle, in a perpendicular manner. It might take more than a few strokes to clean your braces, but you should keep it up to avoid infections in your gums.

Brush your teeth regularly

You should take special care to brush each individual tooth, bringing more attention to the edges that fit the six months smile braces. Remember to brush in and out, around the edges of the tooth as well. Use different stroke patterns to get to all the hard-to-reach areas.

Flossing between the lines

Flossing isn’t just an effective dental health procedure; you can keep your braces intact by flossing regularly. Some parts of the teeth cannot be cleaned with just a toothbrush, so make sure you floss at least once a day to keep all the cavities clean.

Retainers and dental hygiene

There are two options when choosing a retainer, fixed or removable. Removable retainers are easy to clean, but you should not leave them around in the open. You can clean it with a special solution provided by the seller, or use water and a toothbrush. Do not use hot water to clean your retainers, as they might lose their shape, rendering them useless. Toothpaste can also damage retainers so avoid it at all costs. Fixed retainers are a bit more difficult to clean, but it is not impossible. It just takes a little bit of work and dedication.

Now with all the background information, it is time to decide if you want to have a better smile in a short time? Six months braces are one of the products offered by Chatfield braces, bringing you a symmetrical smile in only a few months. You can visit nearby famous dental clinic chain for find a best dentist for you.