How to Take Care of Your Face Mask during COVID-19

The Corona effect is still affecting us in its different waves and we have to follow all the precautions to avoid any virus transmission. Wearing face masks is still the most crucial aspect to keep ourselves protected. Just like disinfecting services for home, Masks have become an indispensable part of our lives whenever we step out of our homes for any reason. Using masks on a regular basis brings some challenges along with it and we should know how to keep them effective. People are also found reporting that they have started developing some skin problems like rashes and pimples on their faces due to regular mask wearing. In this segment, we have discussed some important aspects of taking care of your face masks and how to keep them completely fit-to-use. 

How Many Masks One Should Have?

Well it depends on the type of activities you need to perform in a day. Most of us are staying at our homes but still you must have two mass at least. If one is not available due to any reason, you can use the other one. Make sure that you wear a clean mask whenever you leave your home. Use good antimicrobial surface coating at your home to keep your surfaces protected against any microbial attack. Using the same again and again without washing it may prove to be a futile effort to protect you from bacteria, germs or virus. 

When to Unmask Yourself?

If you have started going to office or for any work that you do, keeping mask on your face for the whole day may make you quite restless. You can remove your mask whenever you are alone or are not surrounded by too many people. Or when you are travelling in your personal car, or even when you are taking a walk roadside. Antimicrobial resistance and infection control should be our utmost priority at this crucial stage. Hence, being careless regarding cleanliness and sanitation may create serious troubles for you. 

How to clean Masks?

It is advisable not to touch the front portion of your mask while removing it from your face. Rather try removing it from the ear loops. For masks which have a pair of ties, open the bottom one first and then untie the upper one. Make sure that you don’t keep it anywhere in your home. Try putting it in a separate basket for laundering. If there is a filter n your mask, remove it and dispose it. The moment you remove your mask, just wash your hands before touching anything else at your home. Wash your hands with a good sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. However, at home, using soaps for washing hands will be a much better option. 

Bandannas face scarves and masks are usually made of fabric and can be easily washed at home. Make sure that you use warm water to wash your masks. After laundering your masks, tumble them in dryer at high setting. These can be easily hand washed also and exposing them to sunlight will be far better option. Dedicate a separate place to keep your cleaned masks and make sure that place is also kept cleaned regularly. Use antimicrobial metal coating for metal coated things at your home. 

In this highly risky environment, you alone are responsible for your safety and health. Hence, avoiding basic precautions may leave you troubled and your carelessness can harm you lifestyle and life both. 

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