Synthetic Hair Transplant: Know the Importance of Synthetic Implantation

A hair transplant isn’t something that needs an introduction. Every one of us is quite aware of the procedure. The advancement of science has made this possible in many cities, at an affordable price and evidently convenient as well. Synthetic hair transplants in the context are also common. But, not all of us are aware of the controversy related to this procedure. This read will help you gain an understanding of the significance of synthetic implantation. 

What is synthetic hair implantation?

Unlike normal hair restoration procedures, synthetic fibres are transplanted on your scalp. The fibres are first implanted into a patch of your scalp, as a tester and if your scalp accepts the same, these are implanted into your entire scalp. The beauty of this procedure is that here you don’t get a limited donor area and you can provide maximum density, without the fear of limited donor area, depletion of the donor area, future needs, etc. But, everything comes with a price, that is the sigma rule of the world. Dive deeper into this read to understand better.

synthetic hair transplant

History of synthetic hair transplant

In the year 1983, the federal drug administration of the USA placed a ban on this procedure, curtailing to listed below reasons:

  1. Risks of illness leading because of the nonbiocompability of the implanted fibres.
  2. Frauds were associated with this process:
  • The efficacy of the results was questioned.
  • Risks associated were not properly disclosed.
  • No visible benefit to public health.

This ban was revised in April 2004, for the side effects that were assessed:

  • Recurring infections
  • Rejection and loss of fibres lead to the requirement for replacements
  • Regular allergic reactions resulting in severe dermatitis and other irritant effects
  • Possibility of carcinogenicity
  • Possibility of cicatricial alopecia
  • Cyst formation
  • Granulomatous hypersensitivity 

But, the above ban didn’t actually stop the companies from marketing this procedure. At present, it is available in two following products:

  • Since 1996 Biofibre is available from Medicap Italy. And,
  • Nido corporation from Japan since 1999.

The above findings date back to 2004. We can surely assume that science has evidently shown its magic in the last 19 years. Thus, synthetic  hair  transplant  in  India also evolved in this period. Now synthetic hair fibre is much more qualitative and the process also has evolved over time. Implantation of 100-200 grafts as testers is rather a very smart way to avoid the related side effects. 

Significance of synthetic hair implantation:

You can understand that this process has the following advantages:

  • It is a suitable option for those who are suffering from extreme baldness and have limited donor area, consequently, the normal hair restoration technique is not viable.
  • Regardless of your age, you can seek this procedure, anytime during your life.
  • Just follow routine cleaning and no stress of post-surgical care.
  • Needless to mention that this process comes with the greatest advantage of instant results. You don’t need to wait for months a years to witness the results.
  • Of course, you need not worry about greying of hair.
  • Advanced cosmetic surgery as you can choose between numerous shades of hair.