Support Coordination and the Role it plays in your Journey towards Better Care

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a program designed for Australian disabled individuals and has been active since 2020. It helps disabled individuals obtain assistance by funding services that can benefit them and help them improve their overall health. NDIS provides the feature of Support Coordination as part of its funding plans to help disabled individuals get advice and assistance on getting the most out of their funding. Support Coordinators also ensure that organisations responsible for care are held accountable and checked for quality and reliability, among other things. Their aim is to ensure that you get all the support you can get in all forms. If you and your loved ones need assistance or support of any kind throughout this process, the support coordinator is here to mediate between these official administrative processes and the help you need for a better life. 

Since there are several services available for disability care, and varying kinds covered under each plan, NDIS provides support coordination as external support to get you to navigate these plans to choose one that suits your needs. After a plan is chosen, a support coordinator can help in deciding how best to spend the funds, which services to choose for the specific needs you have, and also connect with NDIS approved care providers to make your job easier. 

A Support Coordinator ensures that participants:

  • Take fully informed and thought-out decisions in the entire process
  • Are aware of the NDIS system and its inner workings
  • Recognise what is best for them and educated on the services and benefits they can seek
  • Have constant assistance regarding any issues or queries at any step of the process
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Types of Support Coordination that is offered under the National Disability Insurance Scheme:

Support Connection

A basic level of assistance, support connection is purely restricted to the monitoring of the plan and assistance at the initial stage. This includes any support while choosing a plan, selecting an appropriate NDIS provider for care, and checking the gradual progression of the plan. 

Support Coordination

This is the primary support available under the NDIS plan and is the most commonly sought. It offers support while initially choosing a plan, supervision of the plan, and providing external support such as any issues with the organisation or seeking aid from the community. 

Specialist Support Coordination

This type of support is for highly specialised cases where specific kinds of assistance are required, or which includes high-risk cases or needs so that appropriate decisions can be taken during the NDIS planning process. It includes everything under Support Coordination along with other specialised services pertaining to the situation. 

How can a Support Coordinator make a difference in this process?

Personalised Support

Since your support coordinator will be well-aware of your needs, they will seek the best services that are suitable for those needs and benefit you in a way that addresses your unique difficulties. With the experience and knowledge, they are able to let you know of all that is available according to your situation and can get you the best kind of support. Due to their experience, they can also help your caregivers and loved ones navigate this process without much difficulties, and help them understand the inner details. 

Community Participation

Your Support Coordinator has to ensure that your voice is heard and your presence is valued wherever you are, so that things don’t become more difficult than they already are. So, if you live in an environment that is not disability-friendly, or if you’ve started living in a new neighbourhood, your coordinator can seek personalised help. They can organise events in the neighbourhood or seek out groups for disability care. They can also help you get acquainted with your new neighbourhood and show you the services especially available for disabled individuals in the area. This way, you are never really alone and there is a professional always looking out for your needs. 

Assistance for your loved ones

The NDIS process can get tedious and tiresome, and the administrative aspect can last long. It is also not always accessible to everyone for understanding the details and what is best for particular situations. A support coordinator, who knows the process and the system inside-out, can make you aware of the functioning of this program, the design and services it provides, as well as the long-term impact. For instance, there may be confusion regarding the plan to choose. A support coordinator can advise you on the advantages and disadvantages for your specific situation, and further also suggest ways of taking any funding issues if the need arises. Therefore, you won’t have to bear the burden of decision-making and make informed decisions during the entire process. 

A Support Coordinator is an essential aspect of your journey as they are with you if you face any troubles with NDIS or any hindrances in general with your disability care. Their ultimate aim is to ensure that your life gets a little easier and that you are cared for by the best hands. With their experience and expertise, you can rest assured that your health and growth will always be the foremost priority. 

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