Strict Rules of Baby Care for New Parents with no Experience

Is this your first baby? Wowww! Then you should have countless concerns in mind about your little human. Taking care of the health of the baby is the responsibility of every parent. Also, taking care of a newborn baby is a matter of great responsibility and care. It is important to know how to take better care of your newborn baby in such a situation. If you also want a healthy life for your child, then take special care of these things.

Strict does not mean cruelty if it is about the well-being of your child

Perhaps you already understand this. After no one else can be more concerned on this matter than you? But yes, as parents are normally tired after childbirth, the childcare rules sound strict. In reality, they are just vital to follow. Here are the most important rules. 

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Know the right way to carry or handle the baby 

Newborn babies are extremely fragile. Therefore great care and proper way to handle is the only method to give them the appropriate attention. For this, before carrying the newborn in the lap, wash the hands thoroughly with anti-septic sanitiser liquid. In that case, there is no risk of infection to the baby. 

At the time of birth, the family members are all around, and you need to be extra careful. Yes, they all shower love, but the excitement should not make anyone careless. If there are little kids in the family, make sure that they are away from your child and are not leaning on the newborn. 

Cleanliness is most important 

The immune system of a newborn is weaker than that of an older one. You cannot ignore the aspect of cleanliness. From the baby bed to the baby room, the surroundings, everything should be neat and clean. Yes, it sounds like an arduous task for you, especially with an exhausted body as the new parents.

Both moms and dads always compromise in their sleep time and struggle with household responsibilities. But that little human does not know anything, and he/she depends on you for every small thing. His clothes, body, your personal hygiene should always be clean. 

Keep a stress free atmosphere at home 

Yes, it is very important, but normally it is difficult, but exhausted people around the child get frustrated easily. But hey! This is your cute creation and came to this world because of you. Now, you can only make things good for him. Normally people with newborn babies struggle with financial issues. 

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Breastfeeding should be done in the right manner  

Position at the time of breastfeeding is also an important aspect. Only the milk of the mother is the best food for a newborn. Right after the delivery, the milk is thick and has a yellowing colour. It is great for the immunity of the newborn baby. 

The mother should lift the baby in both arms and should lift the kid properly. While breastfeeding, one thing to keep in mind does not to press the baby too hard on your chest. Doing so may suffocate him. The baby inhales and exhales through the nose while breastfeeding as its mouth is closed. In such a situation, the holes in his nose should not be closed, or he will have trouble breathing.

Bottle feeding also has some rules 

If you cannot breastfeed your baby, try feeding him with a baby food bottle or powdered milk. In this case, also it is vital to take many precautions. It is important to give the baby powdered milk in the right quantity. Always read the instructions on the milk bottle sincerely. Besides this, wash the bottle of milk (feeder) with boiled water before feeding it. 

A bottle not cleaned with boiled water or mixing milk powder in the wrong amount can make the baby sick. Do not buy a big stock of milk bottles. Buy them new every time. Do not feed the same milk again. Feed the baby only freshly prepared milk every time. The angle of the bottle should be 45 degrees, and the baby should not suck air when the bottle is empty.

Mother should take suitable diet

The mother should always take care of her diet as this is the tender stage when her body is fragile. After childbirth, the body becomes prone to many diseases. What the mother eats, the newborn gets it through breast milk. Of course, your family doctor can offer the right insight into this matter.

A child directly depends on the health of his mother for survival. A happy and healthy mother is always able to give a good strong body to her child. Right food, ample rest and timely medical attention are necessary to help the child grow in the right manner. 

Sleep time should be safe 

The baby should always be in safe and warm blankets. This makes the baby feel very safe, and this is also important because newborn babies feel cold a lot. Keep the baby up to 0-2 months wrapped in clothes, but also keep in mind that you do not make the newborn wear too many clothes. It can also make him feel more heat, reaching his brain and putting his life in danger. 

A newborn sleeps for 16 to 20 hours and take rest. Getting proper sleep is very important for the growth of the child. Baby should sleep without the pillow, but if he is uncomfortable, make sure the pillow is of cotton cloth and soft. The head of the child should not stay in one place on the pillow for a long time.


The above tips are common but important for all parents and especially the new ones. The above rules are vital for a better future and the good health of the newborn. Best of luck with your efforts, and yes, congratulations.

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