AlDawaa Pharmacies Clone App – Take Your Pharmacy Delivery Business Online Anywhere Globally

Digitization has changed the way we used to buy medicines visiting a pharmacy store. Thus with the advent of a pharmacy delivery app like AlDawaa it has made it extremely easy and quick to order medicines online. Thus, get it delivered right at the doorstep.

Reasons To Develop Pharmacy Delivery App in Saudi Arabia

  • Very few fully functional, on-demand pharmacy delivery app is available in Sauda Arabia thus makes you rein the online pharmacy market.
  • The online pharmacy delivery market is huge and growing, thus it has the full potential to earn millions in a short time.
  • There is an increasing demand for delivering medicines online because of Covid19
  • By integrating contactless medicine delivery features, hence, your AlDawaa pharmacies clone app has higher chances to stand out from the rest.
  • The AlDawaa pharmacies clone app makes it easy to target audience, thus less spending on marketing campaigns
  • Thus your AlDawaa pharmacies delivery clone app can be used as a marketing tool to retain your customers

A white-label mobile app development company can assist you in building an AlDawaa Pharmacies Clone App. Thus enabling you to hassle-free launch on-demand pharmacy market. Having your business invested in pharmacy delivery app will allow you to expand your business easily and quickly. Since, more and more customers will be buying medicines from your app, thus generating greater revenues amidst COVID19.

This pharmacy delivery app is available on both Android and IOS platforms, that will have: 

  • User panel app
  • Store panel app
  • Driver panel app
  • Admin panel app 
  • Web panel app

 AlDawaa Pharmacies Clone Delivery App Features 

The Customer Panel App 

The pharmacy ordering and delivery app that your customers will be used to place order comes integrated with different features. Hence offering them a seamless online ordering and delivering app:

  • User registration
  • The search filter to locate medicine/pharmacy brand
  • Upload prescription
  • Order medicines
  • Order real-time tracking
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Review past orders
  • Offers and discounts
  • Push-notifications
  • In-app chat
  • Ratings and feedback

Pharmacy Stores Panel

It has a fully functional, exceptionally built pharmacy store panel that helps you gain more customers. Thus enabling to grow your business faster in short time. Therefore the feature-rich panel allows you to provide your customers with quick deliveries, keeping track of your pharmacy stock as well as your monthly earnings.

  • Store registration
  • Manage orders 
  • Digital prescriptions
  • Manage pharmacy inventory stock
  • Order alerts
  • Notifications
  • Manage pharmacy pricing

Delivery Driver Panel

Integrated with remarkable features that make the delivery driver panel perform flawlessly. Thus the delivery driver panel can seamlessly handle varied pharmacy delivery from the pharma stores. Hence it has exceptionally build panel features that include: 

  • Registration
  • Manage profile
  • Upload documents
  • Quick notifications
  • In-app navigation / GPS tracking
  • Daily earning management
  • Status update

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does your team member has app development experience?

The mobile app team with years of knowledge is capable of delivering an exceptional AlDawaa pharmacies clone app.

How long does it take to develop an app like AlDawaa pharmacies?

Once you give confirmation, it take 4-5 days to provide you with a white-label ready-made solution. Furthermore, the app development team will install it in the Play Store/ App Store. Thus, ensuring that you are all set to launch your business in a week.

Do you offer free upgrades?

Ideally, an app development company offers one-year of free up-gradation and technical support

What about privacy? 

The app development company respects your privacy thus keeping it completely confidential by signing its NDA. Hence, rest assure your privacy will remain safe with us.

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