Some Healthy Physical Activity During Pregnancy

Some Healthy Physical Activity During Pregnancy

Just turn down the intensity. Eve if you were not into fitness before the pregnancy it’s about time to change something it and start exercising.

To be on a safe side you would need to consult with your doctor and choose the most suited and appropriate physical activity without reaching to beat the records.

Pay attention to your body: if you noticed that after any exercise you felt poorly – maybe they do not suit your body and should be given up. Even if you feel wonderfully do not put your body under any enormous pressure.

If you were told to stay in bed by the attending physician, consult with him about easier and more appropriate work out regime.


It is important that a pregnant woman stayed physically active, balanced and calm for the baby to be born healthy. Besides exercising go for a walk as often as you can, attend a swimming pool or yoga classes and the like. Be cautious, however, and wisely choose the appropriate intensity of all those activities.

Keep in mind that your own activity during pregnancy determines the activity of your future baby (it can be said that the child starts exercising before the actual birth). Aerobics, swimming, exercising during the pregnancy will help you to prepare for the labor and the period after it when you will need to take care of your new-born twenty four hours a day.

If your exercise routine is carefully planned the morning sickness becomes much easier or disappears altogether. This means that exercising during pregnancy is an effective remedy for similar problems. If the risk of miscarriage or premature birth arises you may be advised to stop exercising, in most cases, however, it is sufficient to choose a different and safer work out routine. Generally, during pregnancy it is recommended to eat healthy, worry less and rest more.

Sports permitted during pregnancy:

  • Jogging – a calm pace, choosing comfortable shoes and clothing.
  • Gymnastics, dancing – if your doctor permits, and classes led by an experienced instructor.
  • Rock climbing – just in case a future mom has previously engaged in this kind of sport. Climbing is only recommended to restricted heights.
  • Cycling – on a flat surface, only a bicycle suited for women with a soft and wide saddle is recommended.
  • Skiing – if you are experienced, choose only straight tracks.
  • Tennis – restricted intensity.
  •  Yoga – only special exercises for pregnant women.
  • Swimming – only special exercises for pregnant women.

Sports not recommended during pregnancy:

  • Riding
  • Water skiing
  • Diving
  • Sprint and long distance running
  • Mountain cycling
  • Group sports;
  • Muscle stretching exercises

It is recommended to consult with your doctor before any physical activity as some sports and exercises can be harmful to a pregnant woman. Following guidance should be taken into account by a mum-to-be:

  • Consult with your doctor before deciding on your exercise regime and/or hire a personal fitness trainer.
  • Exercising during 12-16 weeks of pregnancy is prohibited as it may lead to miscarriage.
  • Only perform those exercising that make your body feel better.
  • Check your heart rate before and after an exercise. The heart rate should be about 12-16 beats per 10 seconds before the routine and 17-18 afterwards. If it is higher it is necessary to take a break.
  • Pay attention to training your abdominal area. Learn special exercises for that purpose.
  • Avoid jump rope.

Advanced electronic devices such as Fitbit wireless activity wristband can help you stay on track by monitoring your physical activity throughout the day and your sleep during the night.

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