7 Simple Tips To Help You Avoid Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are usually very painful and inconvenient. Thankfully, there are some relatively simple things you can do, to avoid such emergencies. You just need to act on the simple tips we are about to provide. Doing so will greatly lower the chances of you ending up in a frantic rush to an urgent dental care clinic.

Without further ado, Let’s look at what you need to do to avoid dental emergencies:

dental emergencies

1. Maintain good oral hygiene consistently

There are three specific things you need to do on a regular basis. First is just ensuring that you brush your teeth properly, and as often as required. The second is making time to floss your teeth. This helps you get rid of debris that is in between the teeth, which brushing can’t remove. And third is using mouthwash on a regular basis, to rinse your teeth.

You do all those things to ensure that bacteria and plaque don’t accumulate in your mouth. If you allow bacteria and plaque to build up, you are likely to end up with oral infections and weaker teeth. And that could sooner or later turn into a dental emergency. Unfortunately, if you neglect some aspects of oral hygiene for too long, the resultant damage may be hard to reverse. Even the best urgent dental care London clinic may not be in a position to undo it fully.

2. Don’t eat lots of sugary foods

Overindulging in sugary foods is more likely to cause major dental problems eventually. Here, we are looking at serious issues, such as cavities (and the intense toothache they come with), and the need for a root canal. You really just need to compare the ‘fun’ you get from the sugary foods with the dental risks they expose you to. Then, in most cases, you will see that overindulgence in such foods is simply not worthwhile.

3. Don’t ignore any dental symptoms that come up

You need to take note of any discomfort you experience in your teeth. Then see your dentist about it as soon as possible. Otherwise, if you ignore the symptoms, the deeper issues causing them will get worse. In the end, what may have been an easily addressable issue may turn into a very nasty dental emergency. Thus even if what you experience is just slight discomfort while taking a hot/cold drink, it is still something worth seeing a dentist about.

4. Don’t postpone recommended dental treatments

If you postpone any recommended dental treatment, the underlying issue just keeps on getting worse. Don’t imagine that teeth are like other body parts, which have self-healing properties. Teeth are different – and once problems develop in them, they only tend to keep on getting worse. Thus what may have initially been a minor issue can soon lead to tooth loss. Or it can lead to a nasty situation, where your jawbone gets damaged. It can even get to the level of causing systemic damage.

Granted, some dental treatments can be somewhat uncomfortable. Think of things like tooth fillings, root canals, and crown fittings. But really, the minor inconvenience of dental treatment is nothing compared to the consequences of postponing it too much.

5. While engaging in impact sports, use a mouthguard consistently

A mouthguard can help you avoid ending up with knocked-out teeth. It can also help you prevent jaw dislocations. And it can help keep oral/dental soft tissue injuries at bay. Not wearing a mouthguard exposes you to very nasty injuries. Not even the best urgent dental care London clinic may be able to fully address the resultant damage from such injuries. Thus don’t despise the mouthguard due to its small size. It can help you avoid very big problems.

6. Avoid bad habits that weaken the teeth

In this regard, there are two habits that require special attention. The first one is that of opening packages with your teeth. And the second one is that of chewing on very hard items. The problem with these habits is that they can soon lead to painful dental cracks/chips. Or they can lead to outright tooth breakage. All these are situations that would require emergency dental care. Yet you can avoid the same, by refraining from harmful habits.

7. Go for regular dental checkups: twice a year

Going for scheduled routine dental visits can help you avoid the more inconvenient (and painful) emergency visits. Some people think that routine dental checkups are only about looking for cavities. But there is more to them. They are usually very comprehensive, with all emerging issues of dental health concerns being addressed. In the end, if you don’t go for regular dental checkups, issues that are taking root in your teeth may keep on getting worse. And this may inevitably lead to a situation where you soon or later have to visit a dentist on an emergency basis.

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