Signs That Show You Need Braces

There are a few signs people experience which shows they need to undergo orthodontic treatment like invisible braces. These signs may include jaw or teeth pain when biting or chewing hard foods. Most times, the orthodontist determines the right course of treatment for certain dental issues, but it is best to know signs that require treatment with an orthodontic device.

invisible braces

If you have been wondering whether you need to undergo orthodontic treatment or not, below are signs to look out for to know if you need the treatment, what you should do if you experience these signs, and how to get started on your orthodontic treatment.

Pain or difficulty in biting

You may notice that biting food is painful or even find it difficult to bite food, especially foods that require you to bite into them like apples. Some people always bite the side of their tongue or cheek while eating. These issues usually result from teeth misalignment which you can easily correct using braces.

Excessive or inconsistent gaps between the teeth

If you have excess gaps between your teeth or the gaps are inconsistent, it means you need to get braces. Braces can help rearrange your teeth to reduce the gaps. Having excessive gaps between your teeth puts you at a high risk of having eating difficulty, jaw misalignment, and tooth decay. With excess gaps between your teeth, food would always get stuck in these gaps, which may result in an on-going pain and gum irritation.

Crowded or crooked teeth

People with malocclusion usually need braces to create space and realign the bite. Flossing your teeth helps you know if you have crowded teeth. If you find it difficult to floss between some teeth, you may likely have spacing issues requiring braces treatment. If you do not treat your malocclusion (crowded or crooked teeth), it could cause an impacted tooth, which requires more expensive treatment options like surgery or removal.

Clicking or pain in the jaw

If you have a clicking jaw or experience jaw pain, it may be due to misalignment. Some people may mistake this for the regular jaw pain, but it is important to see your dentist or orthodontist. You can reduce your jaw pain by correcting your bite or straightening the teeth, which is easy to accomplish with braces.

Jaw pain is also a symptom of other severe dental issues, so, it is best to contact your dentist for a check-up. 

Protruding teeth

If your teeth protrude and stick out from your lips, you need to realign them by wearing braces. People with protruding teeth usually suffer from low self-esteem and have an increased risk of having dental injuries. Naturally, the lips protect the teeth, but it is easy for an accidental fall to knock off your teeth with protruding teeth.

What is the next step if I need braces?

If you show any of these signs above, your first step should be scheduling an appointment with an orthodontist. The orthodontist will examine your bite and teeth to determine the right type of braces for you. Your orthodontist may ask questions about any pain you experience in your jaw or mouth, and chewing.

What if braces are too expensive for me?

If you cannot afford braces but need them, you can check if your dental insurance plan covers part or the full cost of getting braces. Ensure you do this before you go ahead with the treatment because some dental insurance plans do not cover the cost of getting certain braces.

Most dental practices offer flexible payment plans that make braces affordable because you would spread the braces’ cost over a long period.

Getting the right type of braces

Different types of braces are available for you to make a choice, but you need to consult your orthodontist to check if you are suitable for the type you wish to use. All braces have their up and downsides. They are all effective, but some may not be suitable for you.

Ensure you do proper research on the type of brace you intend to use, then visit your orthodontist to discuss the options you have.

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