Is it Too Late for Seniors to Use Invisalign?

Many people believe that Invisalign is only useful for teens and young adults as it will give them the straight teeth without them using the traditional braces. Though this is true, it does not end there. London Invisalign braces are great for obtaining a straight smile, and they are a suitable option for seniors too. 

While many people have struggled with crooked teeth for almost all their lives, they may settle for the belief that there is no need for them to desire straighter teeth. However, there is no hindrance to your desire as a senior against getting the straight teeth you want. You are not too late for getting your dream smile, and you can do that with Invisalign.

If you are aspiring for a straighter smile, let this article put you through the things you must know about Invisalign for adults and why it is not too late to use one.

Do Invisalign braces work for seniors?

Apart from the fear to wear metal braces (which now have better alternatives) as adults, one of the main reasons older people do not want to use braces is because they believe that their teeth have now set in well into their jaws and will hardly move. They think that teenagers have a better chance of getting the perfect smile since their teeth can still move.

This is not entirely true. In orthodontics, we know that at any age, your teeth can still move well when the right amount of pressure is applied. Invisalign braces do this work by applying pressure on the teeth. By doing so, the teeth will slowly begin to move, and with aligners, more pressure will be applied and will continue enforcing the movement. Whether you are set out to straighten major misalignment issues or just a few ones to put in place, Invisalign always offers you the best options. 

It is not too late to have perfectly aligned teeth, and the process is even better now with Invisalign. Compared to the traditional braces, Invisalign braces are made of transparent plastic materials that help you straighten your teeth without dramatically drawing the attention of the whole world. These braces are almost invisible; hence you can straighten your teeth without being shy about it.

Cost of Invisalign for seniors?

The cost of getting Invisalign is different from person to person, and the most influential factor is whether or not you have a dental plan. If you are now retired, there is a possibility that your dental plan is no longer a robust dental plan, or you do not have a plan that covers for Invisalign treatment. Since Invisalign treatment is not so common for young adults and seniors, your plan may not include it.

Nevertheless, not having Invisalign in your dental plan should not trouble your heart. Treatments with Invisalign are affordable. However, the total cost for your treatment is dependent on the duration of your treatment.

Are there discounts for seniors on Invisalign braces?

Seniors sometimes wonder if they can get discounts on Invisalign, especially if they only want to straighten only the upper or lower teeth. But if you wish to straighten just one row or the both of them, you will be required to pay the same amount. Hence, you must be genuinely committed to using Invisalign for seniors and talk to your dentist about the payment plan. Ensure you go for the most affordable plan for you.

Is Invisalign for seniors right for me?

If getting straighter teeth is what you have always desired, it is never too late to get them. Invisalign braces are great at offering cosmetic treatments since they do not use brackets and wires that will shout out loud from your mouth like those with the traditional braces. Simply say, it is a more discreet way to achieve your orthodontic desires without worrying about the acceptability of metal braces at an older age.

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