Don’t Be Too Sweet! Reverse Diabetes with Nimba Nature Cure

Diabetes is a kind of disease that depends more on the person than any kind of treatment or diabetes management. You must keep your blood sugar level down to normal whether you have diabetes or not by following a healthy eating lifestyle. Unfortunately, there is no defined treatment for diabetes but this can be managed without any medication and by adopting a healthy lifestyle that is equivalent to a cure. Ayurveda and naturopathy therapies are the best way to deal with diabetes naturally. Various Ayurveda retreats in India offer the best diabetes management packages. Don’t be worried about diabetes management and book your diabetes management package at Nimba Nature Cure. Nimba nature cure is specialized in naturopathy, yoga and meditation, Ayurveda, physiotherapy, and holistic therapy.

Diabetes and Ayurveda

Diabetes doesn’t present any kind of symptoms in the beginning but it has a higher risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It can also remain undetected for years but prior diagnosis and treatment can help you deal with diabetes more efficiently and effectively. One prior symptom or sign of diabetes is darkened skin in certain parts of the body like elbows, neck, knees, and armpits. You must address some risk factors of diabetes as mentioned below:

·    Weight: You must maintain weight as being overweight increases the chances of diabetes. The fattier issues you have around your abdomen, the higher your chances of developing insulin resistance. Visit Nimba Nature Cure to learn weight management through Ayurveda and naturopathy ways.

·    Waist Size: A large waistline also indicates insulin resistance which is needed to be taken care of priory.

·    Calorie-rich diet: If you are a diabetic patient you must not consume high-calorie foods such as red meat or others as they are loaded with sugar and this is associated with a high risk of diabetes.

·    Age factor: You have a higher risk of developing diabetes after the age of 45. Therefore, at this age, you must get indulged in Ayurveda, yoga, and naturopathy so that risk of such diseases can be mitigated.

·    Family history: If any of your family members have diabetes, then you are also associated with the same and your bloodline should indicate your propensity to developing prediabetes.

·    PCOS: A woman who suffers from irregular periods, obesity, or excess hair growth faces a high risk of prediabetes.

Learn Diabetes Management With Nimba Nature Cure

·    Shed excess weight: Losing weight is one of the best ways to deal with diabetes naturally. If you are suffering from diabetes, then Ayurveda panchakarma is the best way to improve your metabolism and lose weight. Nimba Nature Cure focuses on the proper diabetic diet plan and determines the right proportion of food that helps regulate effective blood sugar flow. To reduce the risk of diabetes, you must have a perfect meal that is fully packed with vegetables, fruits, proteins, and carbohydrates. Foods rich in carbohydrates include brown rice, Millet, oatmeal, potato, fruits, and dairy products like milk and yogurt.

·    Cultivate an active lifestyle: As per diabetic doctors and Ayurveda naturopathy specialists, people with diabetes must perform regular weight training to reduce the risk of cardiac disease. Regular exercise helps in reducing blood glucose level and hence regulates balanced blood sugar level. Yoga and pranayama is also the best way to reduce the risk of severe diabetes and improve other functions of the body. It helps to elevate the body’s “prana shakthi” or life energies. Looking for a Yoga retreat in Gujarat? If yes, then what are you waiting for, book your space today at Nimba Nature Cure.

·    Eat healthily: Diabetic patients must consume low Glycemic Index Foods such as fruits, non-starchy vegetables, and legumes. Furthermore, nature offers so many healthy foods that help manage blood sugar levels more efficiently than medicines. Walnuts are consumable as it improves insulin sensitivity. Avocados are also good for diabetic patients as they are low in carbs and rich in fiber. Naturopathy and Ayurveda specialists suggest having fenugreek water every morning as it is a good source of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Fenugreek is also rich in soluble fiber that helps slow down digestion and absorption of carbohydrates.

Seek Natural Treatment Help with Nimba Nature Cure

If you are looking for the best naturopathy or Ayurveda retreat in India, then must connect with Nimba Nature Cure as they have virtually everything you need to successfully manage pre-diabetes or type 2 Diabetes. Nimba Nature Cure is focused on treating various ailments by the detoxifying body to promote health and well-being.