Have you ever felt low just after you woke up? Felt a little faster heartbeat, or some heaviness in your heart? Want to cry your heart out but look numb, dull or at times, sulky to people around you? This would be termed as anxiety by some and depression by others. 

The stigma which is related to mental health stops us from admitting if we have some issue related to it. Either we deny it or simply pity ourselves for being a tortured person who has got some issues out of it. Going to a doctor publicly is not an option at all. Also, if you consult a doctor they would prescribe medicines with obvious side effects. Acceptance without any guilt is the first step towards healthy mind. You need to stand up for yourself because this is one fight which you will have to fight alone.

There are various relaxation techniques other than medical help which helps to cleanse your aura and rejuvenate your soul. Reiki is one such technique, originated in Japan, which is ancient and simple. ‘Rei’ stands for universe and ‘ki’ stands for energy in Japanese. Reiki is universal energy, that is, vital energy of soul and spirit which has the power to heal the soul, mind and body of a person, thing or situation.

The first and foremost thing reiki believes in is energy. As quantum physics has already proved that every single thing around us is energy with some frequency and wavelength. So does every incidence of our lives. Every thought of ours has a frequency attached to it. Has it ever happened with you that you are humming a song in your head and the person next to you starts humming the same song? It happens because at times the frequency of our thoughts is so strong that it attracts the other person’s energy towards it. May be that is the reason that only a few personalities with very high frequency rule this world in different sectors, ninety-five percent of wealth belongs to five percent of people.

Reiki will make sure that you also belong to that top five percent but what you need the most is faith. It is a relaxation technique which opens up all your seven chakras and enhances your vibration to accept all the beautiful and amazing things in the universe. For reiki healing, you will need a reiki master or grandmaster. S/he will open the energy channel for you and using hand movements above the affected point of the body to do the healing. Even you can request the master or the grandmaster to attenuate you so that you can perform self-healing. 

Reiki not only helps in depression and anxiety issues but also in physical healing. It is no alternative for a medical treatment but it works along the treatment to relax the patient so that inner power of the given person will let the medicines work smoothly. When it comes to diseases like cancer or tumour, patient is more affected by the panic of the disease leading to anxiety which does not let the body fight back properly. Reiki will give one inner strength and peace so that the universal power within us guides us through any circumstance.

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