Recovery and Aftercare Post Gynecomastia Surgery: What to Expect?

Gynecomastia, a condition caused by the enlargement of male breast tissue, can cause physical and emotional discomfort for many individuals. While Gynecomastia surgery in Delhi offers an effective solution to address this concern, proper post-surgical care is essential for a smooth recovery process. In this post, you’ll learn the recovery and aftercare process post-gynecomastia surgery.

Things You Expect Throughout Gynecomastia Recovery

Post-male breast removal surgery, the recovery time can vary based on the intensity of the process and overall patient’s health. Usually, the Gynecomastia surgery healing process takes three to four weeks. Below is the recovery guide you can expect post-surgery.

Resuming work

Usually, gynecomastia surgeons advise their patient to take a break of at least seven days from work post-male breast reduction surgery based on the invasiveness of the process. However, if your job involves heavy lifting and a lot of arm movement, then you should take some extra time from your job to heal completely and ensure a stable recovery.

Taking Showers

Of course, you can take a bath after male gynecomastia treatment. Just avoid aiming direct water at your chest area as it may wet the operated area and increase the risk of infection. Post-surgery, it is crucial to keep incisions and wounds dry and clean to avoid any infection.


Doctors suggest avoiding driving for up to 72 hours post-surgery because the patient may still be under the influence of anesthesia, and it could affect the focus while driving. Moreover, driving includes arm work, which is a big no after Gynecomastia surgery. Hence, it would be great to arrange a commute option or take a responsible adult with you to look after post-surgery.


Post-surgery, you may experience little discomfort and tenderness around the breast area due to swelling and soreness, but it will improve within a few days. You might also feel nausea. If you’re sensitive to anesthesia, take medication prescribed by your physician that will help manage the after-effects of anesthesia. You can resume your regular activities, including your daily routine, within one or two weeks.

Physical Activity

Up to six weeks following your Gynecomastia surgery, it is crucial to refrain from strenuous physical activities such as running, weight lifting, and intense upper-body workouts. However, it is fine to engage in low-impact workouts such as walking, using a stationary bike, or doing exercises that mainly focus on the lower body. You shouldn’t perform activities that unnecessarily put pressure on your upper body.

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Key Recovery Tips From Our Experts

Check your Diet

A balanced and nutritious diet plays a crucial role in your recovery process. Following gynecomastia surgery, you should start with a clear fluid diet and slowly progress to solid foods. Fluids are essential post-surgery as they help stay hydrated and also reduce the impact of anesthesia. However, consuming fruit juice or liquid cereals is a good alternative if water intake is a challenge. Moreover, Alcohol should be avoided for at least 72 hours before and after the surgery, and quitting smoking can also promote a faster healing process.

Put Compression Garment

Wearing a compression garment is a must for Gynecomastia patients to reduce swelling and bruising and improve outcomes. For the first few weeks, it is recommended to wear this garment for 24 hours; after that, you can reduce it to 15-18 hours a day. It is an effective garment that helps reduce scarring, infections, and swelling and eventually promotes aesthetic outcomes. Make sure to maintain the hygiene of compression garments to avoid potential infections.

Take Medications directed by a Surgeon

If you wish to have a smooth, pain-free, and infection-free recovery, take all the medications on time as directed by your gynecomastia surgeon. If, at any point during the recovery, you feel excessive pain, immediately contact your surgeon.

Final Words

From this post, you might have understood what to expect post-surgery and the key tips to follow for a fast recovery. Keep in mind that each person’s journey is different; therefore, be sure to consult a reputed healthcare provider who understands your specific needs and yields favorable outcomes.

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