5 Reasons To Try Vedic Meditation

Vedic Meditation is a bit difficult in the initial days, so for this, you need to practice daily, our body gets countless benefits of meditation or meditation and new energy is transmitted in the body. So, here let’s know why you should do Vedic Meditation.

What Is Vedic Meditation?

Vedic Meditation works in the same way as you feel calm and full of energy in the morning after sleeping at night. But meditation does not mean sleeping, but it is a state that, while you are awake, reduces the thoughts going on in your mind and makes you aware of your reality. Meditation resembles an aid for humankind on the grounds that with Meditation we can likewise treat sicknesses whose therapy is preposterous yet.

How To Do Vedic Meditation?

  • First of all, you should choose the right time to meditate. The right time to meditate depends on you during which time you remain empty and calm. However, it is advisable to meditate only when you have a calm environment around you.
  • Sit in a calm, stable, and comfortable position.
  • Do not try to control the breath.
  • To get the benefits of meditation, do it on an empty stomach.
  • Before applying meditation, the body can also warm up with the help of pranayama.
  • While meditating, take the breath completely.
  • After meditation, open the eyes slowly and change the position of the body at rest.

5 Reasons To Try Vedic Meditation:

Here we can tell you that there are countless benefits of doing meditation, it is also very beneficial physically as well as physically, there are many major benefits of meditation. So, see below 5 reasons to try Vedic Meditation.

Help To Reduce Stress:

Yoga gurus have believed for centuries that the mind can be repaired with just one month of meditation. But a recent study has also acknowledged his point. Studies have shown that many mental illnesses can be cured through meditation. Scientists in the US, in a study conducted on two groups of university students, found that a mere four weeks of training led to a significant change in their minds. The nerve fibers of his brain became dense and the brain started getting more signals. During the study, good changes were also found in the part which controls the behavior of the brain.

Poor activities of the nerves in this part are the cause of mental illnesses ie loss of concentration, dementia, depression, and schizophrenia. Apart from this, according to recent research in the journal Health Psychology, meditation is the most effective way to relieve stress and achieve peace. Meditation causes the body to release the right amount of hormones called cortisol, which keeps your mind calm and helps you stay stress-free.

Helpful In Personality Development:

According to research conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, meditation helps in the development of personality. According to this research, the brain can be concentrated in three stages by meditation. Also, the brain can be made active at every point while being active. 

After one month his brain functions were measured and his mental movements were observed. The findings of this research revealed considerable positive changes in the brain and behavior of these participants.

Increases Peace Of Mind:

Many kinds of unsolicited thoughts come to our mind every day and even if we want some ideas to stick to us, these thoughts make us do the right thing wrong.

We do not have control over thoughts due to which we are enslaved to thoughts and our mind remains restless due to which we are always in irritability and anger. With the practice of meditation, we begin to gain control over our mind slowly, so that these clouds of thoughts become chat and experience a calm mind in the form of a blue sky.

By meditating, slowly thoughts start coming down, the mind starts to remain calm and blissful, we take the right decisions in our life, relationships start improving and life is filled with happiness and joy.

Control Over Thoughts:

Our mind and body are connected to each other, due to which every sensation in the mind produces some sensation on the body, this sensation compels us to act or act in accordance with thoughts.

With the practice of continuous meditation, we gradually get control of our thoughts, thoughts are just thoughts, not positive and not negative. By having control over thoughts, we only think or brainstorm ideas we want to think about. In this way, we are freed from the slavery of the mind and we become the masters of the mind.

Increases Self Confidence:

People who always feel hesitant to make their own decisions and meet someone in life should definitely meditate. Vedic Meditation increases confidence in us, which enables us to make the biggest decisions of life, increases intelligence in us, and others are also attracted by our confidence. Confidence is nothing but knowledge and spiritual knowledge in a book You don’t have to experience it yourself.


You have to follow a few rules to meditate, if you start following more rules then after 2-3 days you will feel that meditation is a useless thing. It is not necessary that you will start meditating for 1 hour from the first day. That is why I am telling you such a simple way which by following you will make you feel like meditating every day.


I am Lillian Harris a professional yoga instructor. I work as a guest yoga guru in various yoga centers. I also own the meditation guides where you can find many helpful meditation techniques. I feel that yoga and meditation is the best way to cope up negativity.

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