Top Reasons to Start Practicing Ashtanga Yoga

Life is much more than work. It’s about living a healthy, relaxed, and stress-free life. You can take vacations now and then but they are temporary phases of your life. What you need is a lifestyle change so that you always remain relaxed and in tune with your mind.

What is the best option to have an easy-going life? Nothing fancy to do. Simply practice yoga! Not just any yoga but Ashtanga 8 limbs of yoga. Have no idea what is Ashtanga yoga? Worry not! Read the following to learn more.

What is Ashtanga Yoga?

The Ashtanga yoga is made up of dual Sanskrit words ‘Ashta’ & ‘Anga’.  The word ‘Ashta’ signifies eight and ‘Anga ‘denotes limbs. Hence, it means eight limbs of yoga that are based on the yoga philosophy advocated by Patanjali.

The below-mentioned are the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga:









The eight limbs comprise your entire life form. Every limb deals with a significant phase of your life. Thus, you incorporate various codes of conduct in your life to live a wholesome and fulfilling life.

The reasons are countless to practice Ashtanga 8 limbs yoga. A few reasons are as follows. Keep reading.

Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga Practice

Strong & Flexible Body

Practicing yoga gradually improves your flexibility and strength. Your body builds lean muscle tissues that help your body carry more load. Improvement in flexibility further leads to better muscle contraction. Hence, it leads to better mind-muscle connection.

Thus, your body accumulates more muscle that results in fat loss.

Cardiovascular Fitness

When your heart and lungs work in harmony with each other, that is when you have optimum cardiovascular fitness. The lack of harmony can put extended pressure on a single vital organ. Therefore, you might fall victim to different physical or mental ailments.

An intense Ashtanga 8 limbs yoga practice trains you internally as well externally. You get a healthy heart and lungs. So, your body works in perfect condition.

Less Stress & Anxiety

Ashtanga yoga covers different dimensions of your life. It makes you practice different codes of conduct that improve your willpower. Hence, you work towards the fulfillment of goals in your life. In turn, stress vanishes from your life since you have better clarity of thoughts.

Therefore, the practice of Ashtanga yoga flushes out anxiety from your life without any hassle.

Better Productivity

Your productivity depends on how much focused are you. Getting easily distracted by all the surrounding distractions disrupts your connection with yourself. Hence, you need more time to finish the job that you are doing.

When you implement different limbs of Ashtanga yoga in your life, you learn how to control your mind. You become aware of how and where to spend your energy. Thus, you become more productive and deliver better results.

Lower Blood Pressure

Yoga practice provides you an easy flow of blood. Every inch of your body receives fresh oxygenated blood. Hence, your heart does not feel pressured and works at an optimum level. It saves you from any sort of heart disease.

Also, having a healthy heart reflects on different plains of your life. Your body’s need to have rest lessens to a greater degree.

Wrapping Up

Ashtanga 8 limbs of yoga work on every bit of your life. Over time, you become one with your spiritual being. Hence, you live a happier, wholesome, and worry-free life.

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