3 Skin Tightening Cosmetic Procedures For Sagging Skin

How in the living world can people maintain their skin glowing and supple? Oh, easy! Just some cosmetic procedures like a Skin Tightening London, and your skin is as pristine as a baby. As exaggerating as it may sound, it’s the truth, dear men and women. 

Our bodies react to age, pollution and stress in many ways and one of those reactions is skin ageing signs like fine lines, wrinkles and skin sagging. There are multiple kinds of proteins present in our skin tissues, two of them are elastins and collagens, which are responsible for keeping your skin firm. As different factors attack the skin, especially age, your skin starts losing these essential proteins, thus losing its elasticity and firmness. 

However, these ageing signs that start appearing during the early years, that is late 20s and early 30s can be easily managed and eliminated. Dermatologists advise daily skin care and taking proper precautions like applying sunscreen and staying clear from the sun to maintain skin health. Nonetheless, skin ageing signs and skin sagging still appears and cosmetic procedures work best in such cases.

These are three cosmetic procedures that are proven to remove signs of ageing and tighten the skin.

HIFU Skin Tightening

A cosmetic procedure which works by infusing focused high-intensity ultrasound into the patient’s skin; HIFU skin tightening treatment is a wonderful cosmetic procedure to regain a youthful appearance. The procedure is generally very simple and quick and does not involve any major complications. During the procedure, your doctor will use an emitting device to allow high-intensity ultrasound into your skin. The whole process is entirely non-invasive, meaning, the patients don’t have to go under the knife and no anaesthesia is injected. 

This tight skin treatment is completed within 30 to 90 minutes and leaves your skin rejuvenated. The ultrasound infused will boost collagen production in the skin and you will notice diminished fine lines and wrinkles within a few appointments.


Thermalift is a non-invasive procedure known for its wrinkle-smoothening and skin-tightening effects. The procedure uses a radiofrequency device to deliver heat to the lower layer of the skin cells (dermis), without harming the upper skin layer (epidermis) and stimulates the production of necessary proteins like elastins and collagen in the skin. The boost in elastin and collagen production leads to the firming up of the skin tissues, contributing to reduced fine lines and wrinkles. 

The procedure doesn’t show effects immediately, it will take a few appointments before the signs of ageing are effectively diminished. Thermage is also a convenient cosmetic procedure for patients who have recently lost weight and want to tug their skin back. The treatment can be performed on different body parts like the eyes, forehead, cheeks, neck and other parts of the body.

Thread Lift

Thread lift is one of the skin tightening and face lifting cosmetic procedures which shows almost immediate results. It has commendable effects, but if the doctor operating is not experienced in the field, there can be unimaginable adverse effects. Thread lift skin tightening in London is the most opted option by a number of patients. 

During a thread lift procedure, the professional uses temporary sutures to create a subtle but noticeable lift in the facial features. Polydioxanone (PDO) dissolvable threads are safely inserted into the skin, and then pulled back gently, to create a lifted and firmer skin illusion. The sagged and loose skin is pulled back, resulting in a youthful looking rejuvenated appearance. This procedure is slightly invasive and can be performed on any part of the face. However, patients between 30-50 are the best candidates, as loose skin is required to pull back.

Note: Thread lift can not be done on younger patients, who have superficial ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles.

Parting Words!

We would like to end the post with an inspiring note. Even though this post shares cosmetic procedure information, we heartily and truly believe in raw beauty. You are not you without that heart that beats within you and the kindness that surrounds you. If you want to go for these cosmetic procedures to enhance your beauty, go ahead. However, if you don’t, ladies and gentlemen, you are still the prettiest.