Importance of Quality Sleep

A Sound night is important to maintain the health of your body and mind. With the current health issues that we are currently experiencing, stress, anxiety, and uncertainty could adversely affect the ability to have a sound sleep.

Sleep is a crucial factor in enhancing our emotional, mental as well as physical health. Distraction, disorientation and fatigue during the day are all possible when you do not sleep enough. Furthermore, research has shown that 8 hours of rest can lead to increased satisfaction. Since the beginning, this concept was accepted as fact – you should sleep for a certain number of hours each night, which will affect how refreshed and awake you feel in the morning. However, many researchers have questioned this theory. Do 8 hours of average sleep really outweigh 6 hours of sound sleep? If you are not having a proper sleep or facing problems in sleeping, consult the best online counsellors from the Best psychologist near me.

If you’re feeling tired and tired, your initial idea might be “I’ll need to get some sleep to recuperate the hours I’ve lost”. But, current study suggests that the level of sleeping affects your working throughout your day. The study also revealed that people who slept less than six hours were as energetic as those who rested for 8 hours, provided that the quality of their sleep was excellent.

quality sleep importance

A closer look at sleep

While we sleep, we experience distinct sleep phases that are crucial to maintain a healthy balance of our body. The two main types of sleep are called Non-Rapid Eye Movements (NREM) sleep , and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep.

Non-Rapid Eye Movements (NREM) sleep

The first phase of our sleep is Non-REM Sleep. This is made up of three stages :

Stage 1:

It typically runs between 5 and 10 minutes, and is considered to be a light sleep. It’s much easier to get up while you’re in this stage of rest. 

Stage 2:

In this stage your body’s functions slow down and your body begins to get ready for the next.

Stage 3:

Stage 3 happens when deep sleep is felt. If you are in this stage of sleep, the breathing and heart rate decrease, muscles are less active and blood pressure decreases. This is the time at which you experience the maximum relaxation. A good night NREM sleep will allow you to feel refreshed for the following day. Stage 3 of NREM sleep is also associated with  healing tissue injuries, building muscle and bone strength, as well as strengthening immunity.

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep

The REM stage of sleep begins within 90 minutes following the time that the person has fallen asleep, and it usually lasts for 10 minutes. As the night gets longer, the amount of time that is spent during REM phase of sleep, grows. Studies suggest that this stage of sleep is involved in dreams, creating new memories, as well as regulating the central nervous system.

Research suggests that the duration of our deep sleep also determines how we age, and as one grows older the duration of deep sleep decreases. For instance, a 70 year old person can only get just half the amount of restful sleep compared to someone who is 20 years old. However, as we get older, the amount of time being in the REM stage doesn’t decrease.

Infrequent sleep disturbances and poor quality sleep are linked to numerous problems like memory impairment, compromised immune system and mental disorders like anxiety and depression. If you are continuously facing the same problem, seek out the Best psychologist near me to overcome this problem.

A sign of high-quality sleep

The most reliable indicator of quality sleep is that you wake up feeling rejuvenated. In addition, here are other indicators that shows you have had a good night sleep:

Rapidly falling asleep:

If you take 30 minutes or less to fall asleep once you have sunk into your bed, you’re more likely to be more comfortable sleeping.

You spend the vast majority of time in bed going to sleep:

When you are spending a minimum 85 percent of your time in bed sleeping, instead of being glued to your smartphone or watching TV,  the quality of your sleep will be more pleasant.

Do you sleep through the night? This is a sign of how disturbed your sleep quality is

To move through the different phases of sleep it’s essential to get regular sleep.

Sleeping quickly:

Even if you do awake in the middle of the night, your sleeping quality will be more or less excellent if you’re in a position to return to sleep in less than 20 minutes.

To increase how well you sleep, develop a peaceful sleep routine which will help you unwind yourself before going to bed. Avoid scrolling WhatsApp forwards or news at this period. Instead, you can soak in an ice bath or read a relaxing book. Listening to soothing music, or sitting in meditation for just a few minutes could be very relaxing. Seek out the best psychologist near me to overcome this, if you are facing Problem.

It is essential to stay consistent to establish a routine of sustaining healthy sleeping routines. It’s possible that you’ll struggle initially but with time you’ll see an improvement in the quality of your sleeping.

Sleep Deprivation’s Consequences and Coexisting Conditions

Sleep is necessary for optimum brain function. There are numerous negative implications of not obtaining enough or having poor quality sleep. The most noticeable issues are exhaustion, low energy, anger, and difficulty in concentrating. Sleep deprivation can also influence your capacity to make judgments and your emotions. Sleep issues frequently coincide with depression or anxiety symptoms. If your sleep problems are continuing for a long time then it is advisable to seek evaluation and treatment from  Best psychologist near me.

Sleep deprivation and excessive sleep are also connected with a variety of chronic health issues, including heart disease and diabetes. Sleep disorders can signal medical and neurological issues such congestive heart failure, osteoarthritis, and Parkinson’s disease.

sleeping disorders

Self-help and Treatment

Sleeping problems are often reduced by maintaining sleeping hygiene. (See the Sleep Hygiene section for some tips) If you are experiencing sleeping issues that persist or interfere with your mood or performance during the day, seek treatment and evaluation by a doctor.

Sleep disorders must be specifically treated regardless of any type of medical issue associated with it. In the majority of cases, insomnia is treated using a mix of sleeping medications and behavioral methods like Cognitive Behavior Therapy received from the Best Psychologist near me. There are a variety of that can be utilized to treat insomnia and assist you to fall asleep or remain asleep. The majority of these medications can be addictive and should only be taken for brief periods under the supervision of a physician. Certain antidepressants also are suggested by physicians and psychiatrists to combat insomnia.

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Many over-the counter sleep medications like antihistamines which are used to treat allergies, are widely sold. The negative side effects associated with these medicines are; they may be less effective as time passes, cause blurred vision, confusion, retention of urine, as well as falls among older people.

A lot of people use alternative health methods to assist in overcoming sleep issues. As per the National Institutes of Health some are efficient and safe, while there is no evidence to prove their efficacy. Such alternative health methods include:-

Relaxation methods utilized prior to going to bed, may be helpful to combat insomnia.

Melatonin: Supplements that help people suffering from certain kinds of insomnia. However, long-term safety of those supplements have not been examined.

Mind-body approaches like yoga, mindfulness, meditation massage therapy, acupuncture and massage do not have evidence to prove their effectiveness, however they are generally regarded as to be safe.

Herbs and nutritional supplements are not proven to help with insomnia. There are concerns regarding the safety of certain like L-tryptophan or Kava.

Inform your counsellor about medications or supplements you take and always refer to counselling from the best psychologist near me.

Good sleep hygiene: healthy sleeping tips for tackling sleep problems

  • Stay on a schedule for sleep with the same bedtime and wake-up time, even on weekends;
  • Let your body relax with a relaxing exercise, like taking a break from intense light sources; and avoid using electronic devices;
  • Do not take naps, especially in the after-school hours;
  • Exercise daily;
  • Be aware of the bedroom’s environment (quiet cold and dark are ideal) and also ensure that your mattress and pillows are supportive and comfortable;
  • Beware of caffeine and large meals at night.

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