Top 10 Ways to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

What is Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Type 2 Diabetes is a health condition when your body does not produce the desired amount of glucose in your cells. This can raise the level of sugar in your bloodstream.

If type 2 diabetes is handled properly, it can save you from severe problems like destroying your body organs, including tissues, heart, kidney, eyes, and nerves.

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Type 2 Diabetes indications involve:

  1. Raise the thirst level as compared to normal
  2. Urge to pee more than usual
  3. Blurry vision
  4. Feel more tired and exhausted than normal

Causes of Type 2 Diabetes

  1. Genetics: The genetic history of diabetes is the main root cause
  2. Weight: By developing more body mass or weight increases the prospect of diabetes
  3. Waist Size: An increase in the waist size can symbolize insulin opposition. It is greater than 40 inches for men, and for women, greater than 35 inches can increase the risk of insulin obstruction.
  4. Physical Fitness: Lack of physical exercise or inactiveness can increase the chance of diabetes. Physical activities help you to control weight and make good use of insulin in the body.
  5. Age Factor: Although diabetes can befall at any age, normally chances of diabetes increase after the age of 45.
  6. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Normally women with this condition that includes irregular periods, excess growth of hairs are at higher risk of catching diabetes.
  7. Sleep: Disturbance in sleeping can create insulin resistance.
  8. Smoking and Other Toxins: These issues can also cause insulin resistance as people on toxins and smoking can increase their weight most probably in the middle that causes insulin resistance.

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

1. Make Commitment to Control your Diabetes

Your healthcare provider how is treating your diabetes can give you guidance on how to deal with diabetes but it’s up to you to manage your diabetes. Take healthy foods and do physical exercises. Monitoring your blood sugar level properly.

2. Quit Smoking

Smoking doubles your chance of type 2 diabetes and the risk of various diabetes difficulties, including:

  • Lessens the blood circulation in hands and feet.
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Blurr Vision
  • Kidney Disease e.t.c.

3. By Stabilizing your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Like diabetes, high BP levels can damage your body organs like blood vessels. since the damage is often worse and more rapid when you have diabetes. Since the damage is often more dangerous and quicker when you have diabetes.

Healthy eating and regular exercises can help you a lot in controlling your cholesterol level.

4. Plan routine physicals and eye exams

Schedule two to four diabetes checkups a year, besides your yearly physical and routine eye examination.

5. Get your Vaccination up to date

Diabetes makes it more possible you’ll get regular sicknesses. Proper vaccines can help counter them.

6. Protection of your Teeth

Diabetes may give you infection to your gums as a side effect. Brushing your teeth twice a day can prevent your gums from infection and also plan dental checkups at least twice a year. Consult with your doctor if your gums start bleeding, look red, or get swollen.

7. Protection of your feet

High blood glucose can overcome the bloodstream and destroy the nerves in your feet. Left untreated, scars and sores can point to severe infections. Diabetes can head towards pain, tingling, or loss of sensation in your feet.

Wipe your feet daily in warm water. Avoid covering your feet, as this can lead to dry skin.

8. Daily Aspirin

Having diabetes, your doctor may prescribe a low dose of aspirin every day which helps to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.

9. Do Not Drink Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can increase or decrease your blood sugar level, alcohol can drive to low blood glucose later, particularly for people who use insulin.

10. Stop Taking Stress

Stop doing stress-building activities, manage your routine tasks, get proper sleep and do some mind refreshing and relaxation activities. Diabetes won’t come across in the person’s healthy life.

Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes

Diabetes Treatment  through stem cell therapy is now becoming popular, as it brings a lot of improvement in Patients’ health conditions.

Researchers have defined mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) possess the potential to treat many chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes.

MSCs can modify, self-renew, suppress the immune system, minimizes inflammation, restore tissues, and are recognized as an excellent candidate for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

These MSCs (Mesenchymal stem cells) holds the ability to:

  • Separate into insulin-producing cells
  • Repair or regenerate, and protect the pancreatic cells.
  • Restore B-Cells functions and mass.
  • Convert Alpha Cells into Beta Cells.
  • Minimizes insulin resistance and inflammation.

Best Diabetes Specialist

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