Gain A Competitive Advantage With Our Practo Clone For On-Demand Doctor Solution

Healthcare industry is booming. With the advent of on-demand apps,  it is speedily gaining online space. We all like comfort and convenience if that includes getting our medicines and doctor’s appointments done with few taps on the smartphone. And why not, these smart apps are exactly providing it to the people worldwide. In this present time, where outdoor movements are restricted having an app like Practo can be extremely helpful.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with plans to enter this sector, now is the right time to kickstart your project.

What Is A Practo Clone App?

Practo clone for on-demand doctor solution is inspired by the original Practo app, which has a look-alike design and navigation with pre-configured features. This is a ready-made app solution that makes it easy to install on both platforms like iOS and Android.

Why Should You Create A Practo Clone App For Your Business?

COVID-19 Pandemic has created havoc in people’s lives and businesses. The virus has made a huge shift in the healthcare industry.  With no signs of going back to the “normal” life, looks like “NOW” is the right time to dive into the on-demand healthcare clone app.

Developing Practo clone on-demand clone app can turn out to be a highly reliable healthcare app. The clone app connects th patients and doctors enabling them to avail themselves of different healthcare services. The app acts like a marketplace where all kinds of doctors can get listed. The app will carry detailed information about the doctor’s qualification, specialty, work history, feedback and ratings, fees, working hours, etc.

The patients are able to browse the doctor’s list enabling them to fix the appointment accordingly.

We are millennial people who don’t like to waste time. The app eliminate the need to make a call and wait for the appointment waiting in the clinic. Also, the practo clone app is widely appreciated because it offers online consultation over video, audio & chat, and avail digital prescriptions.

COVID-19 Pandemic has created havoc in people’s lives and businesses. The virus has made a huge shift in the healthcare industry.  With no signs of going back to the “normal” life, looks like “NOW” is the right time to dive into the on-demand healthcare clone app.

How To Develop Practo Clone For On-demand Doctor Solution?

Once you are done with your research, gathered your data, and brainstormed your vision balancing the pros and cons, now is the time to channelize your vision. Here you have 2 options:

1. Develop app right from the scratch

This approach is preferred if you are completely making a new app on a new concept. You hire the app development company and start creating the app right from the scratch. This is a time-consuming process, as the app development goes through several different processes thus, it turns out to be expensive. Multiple developers are working on it, testing, removing the errors, and so on. It takes about six months to roll out a new app.

2. Clone app script

If you wish to develop an app similar to an app, all you need is to develop a clone app for the same. Practo clone app will have a similar layout, navigation even the colors and UI design can be matching. The best part about the clone app script is you can customize the feature and launch with your kind of modifications.

How Can You Make Your Practo Clone On-Demand App Unique?

You can make your Practo Clone on-demand app unique by customizing it with the below-mentioned features:

  • Advanced search filter

The feature enables the patients to quickly browse their kind of doctor based on symptoms, specialty, fees, location, and ratings.

  • Quick booking

Filling up tedious forms will let the user ditch your app. Thus, make it simple and quick by asking a few formalities the feature lets your patient book the appointment quickly.

  • Digital prescription

It eliminates the need to physically visiting the clinic/hospital to get your prescription done. The feature lets the doctor share the digital prescription with the patients via email, chat, etc.

  • Online appointments via video/chat/audio

The feature lets your user book online appointments reducing the need of seeing the doctor in person. The patient gets to talk, show reports, prescription to the doctor via video call, chat, audio call.

  • Multiple payment options

It lets the patient pay through secured multiple payment options such as Net Banking, Credit/debit card, Paypal, Wallet, Google Pay, etc.

  • Provide medical insights through articles

Having a medical blog as in feature can be extremely helpful to your patients to read about the recent updates and trends in the medical field. This encourages doctors to give their inputs by uploading their articles. The best part is the blog feature on your app will boost your app rankings on the search engines organically.

Choosing The Right App Development Partner

It is crucial to look for the credentials of the app development partner that you are shortlisting. They should have at least launched 1000+ apps in the Play Store/App Store for you to check to have the clarity of their app-building expertise.

The mobile app developer team assigned to you for your app project should understand your Practo clone concept and develop a scalable app product that provides your business with visibility. Buy a white-label on-demand app script once you have checked their live demo on both the apps.

Building a successful Practo clone app involves having essential elements right from user-interface to features. In these pandemic times, launching the Practo clone app for on-demand doctor solutions can be the best time to do so. We hope you found the blog informative and helped you gain insights on developing on-demand apps.  Check out our blog section that encompasses a wide range of on-demand clone script topics.

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