Practice Yoga For Herniated Disc And Live A Better Life

Herniated Disc is an injury of the backbone or spine. Our backbone has small bones stacked on top of one another with rubbery discs in between them that act as a cushion. Sometimes the soft center of these discs leaks and pushes out through the more rigid exterior casing, which causes pain in the lower back region. This is where Yoga for Herniated Disc comes into the limelight as a remedy for this chronic condition.

Does Yoga Help Herniated Disc Victims?

To answer this question, one needs to understand what Yoga is and then how Yoga helps. Yoga is an exercise routine practiced in India since ancient times. It has got physical benefits, mental benefits, and spiritual benefits too. Yoga for Herniated Disc involves gentle stretching and strengthening poses (asanas) that lead to good posture and core strength. 

So, it is a good treatment for lower back pain and can prevent further injury.

Yoga for Herniated Disc has some poses or asanas that work on the lower back region and can reduce the pain felt there. It increases blood flow in the area, reducing the healing time. While practicing, one can become more aware of the body and the feelings felt during various Yoga poses. The benefits include increased core strength, improved posture, body alignment, promoted body awareness, and reduced muscle tension.

Can Yoga be Practised with a Herniated Disc?

The short answer is. Yes, it can be but with caution. Since Herniated Disc is a chronic condition, people suffering from it are constantly in pain. And practicing Yoga even in pain is a fool’s errand. If you’re in severe pain, do not please do not proceed further, as any movement aggravates sciatica, making the condition more serious. So, practice with absolute caution.

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Benefits of having a Yogic, Better Life

Yoga not only keeps our bodies healthy but also our minds by getting the better of stress and tension. Most people have a wrong notion that Yoga is meant only for older people, which is incorrect as age is not a factor here. Whether you’re eight or eighty in age, you can do Yoga, taking into consideration the body’s limitations. Below are some benefits of having a better life by performing Yoga daily.

Lowers Stress Level

As you read earlier, Yoga keeps your stress level under control by reducing the harmful effects of stress hormones. Stress levels are minimized by improving the heart rate, boosting the immune system, and mitigating the symptoms of depression, fatigue, and anxiety.

Assist with Pain Relief

Since arthritis patients experience much pain, performing Yoga daily can reduce their suffering to a great extent. Also, people with back pain can benefit from practicing Yoga because Yoga makes the body flexible in bones and joints.

Betters Heart Health

Performing Yoga involves breathing practices that improve the oxygen supply in the body, keeping your lung and heart healthy.

Betters Postures

Poorer postures can be the reason behind aches in your neck, back, joints, and muscles. Yoga helps to better the posture of your body, whether you are sleeping, walking, running, or standing. It keeps your strength and bone health in optimum condition.

Protects Your Spine

Yoga has many poses that will make your spine flexible and keep it in good health. Postures such as forward bending, backward bending, twists, turns, etc., honor your spine healthy and supple.

Lowers Blood Pressure

It can also maintain normal blood pressure in your body by relaxing the muscle and releasing tension.

Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief and Helps You Live a Better Life

Victims of Herniated Discs sometimes feel excruciating pain in the lower back region which is quite frustrating in daily life. However, practicing Yoga can be much helpful to these people as disciplines like Backward Bending Poses can reduce the pain felt. Regular Yoga practices make the spine stable and fit, eliminating the pain. To relieve severe pain poses like the crocodile pose and corpse pose can be performed. 

These poses can be performed on a bed, relieving the pressure felt on a damaged nerve root. Afterward, you can try the back-bending Yoga poses when the pain subsides. Next, you can try out the Cobra Pose. Later you could try out the Half Locust Pose, the Advanced Locust Pose, or the Bow Pose. After completing, perform and rest in the Corpse Pose. Perform all of these in the morning hours to get a better life experience.


Yoga for Herniated Disc has numerous benefits, whether physical, mental, or spiritual welfare. Seeing its benefits, Yoga can undoubtedly be a boon to the victims of Herniated Disc, providing them with a better lifestyle to lead and the interest of their family.