Physical and mental effects of office chairs

Now, it is time to discuss the physical and mental effects of office chairs.

Simple office chairs that are not ergonomically designed and lacking lumbar support can affect users’ posture, cause fatigue and discomfort to them and result in sore muscles, eye strain and headaches. Sitting on them for prolonged time can cause musculoskeletal problems like cervical spondylosis, neck, and back pain as well as lead to disruption of flow of blood. 

Sitting in an unnatural position or prolonged static posture along with repetitive movements in a simple chair can cause muscle imbalance, which consequently leads to chronic pain and neuropathic disorders. 

Employees using such chairs may develop the feeling that their employer does not care for their wellbeing, which can put them at the risk of developing mental health problems like stress and depression.

The discomfort experienced in using simple chairs can also affect employees’ focus and productivity at work.

In contrast, ergonomically designed chairs provide enhanced comfort and support to the neck, back and arms of the users which helps to alleviate their musculoskeletal problems. 

Also, they can work with more focus at work, resulting in enhanced productivity and performance at work. As ergonomically designed chairs are costly, their use gives employees the feeling that their employer is concerned about their wellbeing, so they feel happy and satisfied at work. This helps to prevent the development of feelings of depression and worthlessness in them.

Psychological impact of office chairs

Now, it is time to share with you the psychological impact of office chairs.

When you are using a simple chair devoid of lumbar support and that is not so visually attractive for sitting, you may feel that it is not doing justice to your job position, skills, experience, and stature. Due to the discomfort caused by prolonged sitting on this chair, you cannot work freely and feel fatigued which may give rise to the feeling of helplessness and discouragement in you. 

In contrast, when you sit on an ergonomically designed chair of outstanding quality and with a great look, you can work with ease and feel more confident and energetic at work. Also, you can protect yourself from various health issues arising from prolonged sitting in a simple chair like neck pain, back pain, or any other musculoskeletal problem. 

The looks of the ergonomically designed chair enhance the aesthetic appeal of your workspace which de-stresses you and helps to lift your mood and spirits. This in turn has a positive bearing on your performance and focus on work. Also, you feel more satisfied and happier at work. 

When your colleagues come to meet you, the look of the ergonomically designed chair spreads positivity and dynamism in them which gets shifted to you when they interact with you. 

In this way, having ergonomically designed and superior quality chairs at your office is in the best interest of your employees as well as your organization. So it makes sense to invest in them.

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