Exceptional Pharma turnkey projects to automate the medicine industry

pharmaceutical turnkey solutions

The pharmaceutical industry is concerned with discovering, developing, and manufacturing medicines by public and private organizations. The pharmaceutical industry is concerned with isolating and purifying the chemical components. We can also use them to synthesize chemical compounds and computer-aided medicine designs. Pharma turnkey projects refer to pre-built packages sold as a bundle to pharmaceutical companies to aid their business operations. Through their integrated approach, these solutions can transform pharmaceutical operations.

FAQ: What are Pharma turnkey solutions:

Turnkey solutions are readily available and accessible solutions that could be deployed easily in a business. As the name implies, these are easy-to-use solutions; we only have to turn the key to get started. These solutions can be highly useful in the pharmaceutical industry, which is evolving in the digital paradigm. They also help the industry in its project management and in-house engineering attempts. It also needs to preserve the medicine API characteristics more than ever before.

Importance of Pharma turnkey solutions

Pharmaceutical engineering focuses on the entire spectrum of medicine manufacturing. It begins with designing a new facility to streamline manufacturing and perfect medicine packaging. The pharmaceutical turnkey solutions can automate the entire project life cycle from fundamental operations to packaging and sales of medicines. These integrated solutions are capable of assisting complex and logically challenging operations all over the world.

The pharma turnkey solutions reduce the project execution time owing to their centralized nature. It is also capable of creating synchronized efforts for better project outcomes. Using these solutions makes it possible to attain sustainability, compliance, logistics support, and market feasibility for the pharma industry. They also serve as an end-to-end solution covering every aspect of pharma handling. It covers

  • transport and handling of raw materials,
  • bulk dosing of medicines
  • monitoring milling and weighting of medicines in a controlled setting,
  • transportation of medicines
  • other downstream processes for additional milling and medicine handling.

Why should pharmaceutical companies adopt Pharmaceutical turnkey solutions?

With the help of compatible pharmaceutical turnkey solutions the business need not worry about coordination between its suppliers. There are also other reasons why the pharmaceutical industry should adopt turnkey solutions. They are as follows.

  • To ensure safety: The active ingredients in the medicines could be toxic and pose health hazards for those handling them. Thus, it is important to design containment at specific levels to promote the safety of the workers. For example, cytotoxic medicines for treating tumors are kept at the OEB levels. We can easily design and implement these systems using turnkey solutions without impacting the overall installation.
  • For design alterations: Some chemical components will have low ignition thresholds. They might require additional anti-explosion measures such as nitrogen inerting. The entire installation will thus vary for these special components. Turnkey solutions can easily design and execute these systems.
  • To yield to the physical characteristics of components: Some chemical components will change their qualities concerning humidity, oxidation, temperature, etc. They thus require special handling and processes. It might also affect the other upstream and downstream processes. It is possible to individually design process parameters for specific components with the help of turnkey solutions.

The best advantage of turnkey solutions is that we can achieve high levels of automation in them to customize every process in the manufacturing process of the pharmaceutical industry. With the help of these solutions, it is possible to design and achieve,

  • High-precision dosing devices
  • Devices for product sampling
  • Controlled filtering
  • Weighting scales based on key modules
  • Expert packaging stations etc.


The best pharma turnkey projects work with the client’s standards and deliver successful solutions for designing and running entire pharma plants. The aim of creating these designs is to excel in designing, conceptualization, and plant operation. These solutions best suit pharma industries and manufacturing units in diverse sectors such as homeopathy, biotech, herbal, cosmetics, and food.