The Personal Medical Alarms within Your Budget Let You Keep Your Loved Ones Safe At A Moment’s Notice

The alert system is a personal alarm for elderly to help elderly people stay independent by providing them with the appropriate alerts. Wear our emergency medical alarms for elderly or pendant at all times so that in the event of an emergency, you only have to push a button to get connected to help directly through the system. With no hassles of dialing numbers or attempting to find a telephone, you can get help immediately and easily can be reached by simply hitting a button and you will receive assistance. A major problem today is the number of elderly people who fall. An elderly alarm device or personal medical alarms can provide reassurance to those who have fallen more than once, since elderly people are at an increased risk of falling. An injury caused by a fall, for example, could be debilitating, such as a broken hip or head injury. Dehydration, hypothermia, pressure ulcers, muscle loss, kidney infections, and even death are possible if you lie helpless for hours or days. These risks can be prevented using medical alarms for elderly. Our world-class services also include emergency medical alarms for elderly that can be utilized during an emergency. We start forgetting important information as we age, which makes our day-to-day lives more difficult. 

personal medical alarms

Those with health conditions or issues who wish to remain at home and monitor their personal emergency and home personal medical alarms are monitored by the system. The wireless personal alarm for elderly with interactive two-way capability allows elderly people to live independently in their own homes or with family rather than move into an assisted living facility. The company also provides personal medical alarms, which is also a major service. Emergency panic pendants include a short-range personal alarm for elderly that can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a waterproof button on a necklace or wristband which connects to a speaker that provides direct communication to an operator 24 hours a day. Wirelessly connected to the hub, the pendant connects you directly to the alert response team 24/7 and provides two-way voice communication, very low energy consumption, a guaranteed one-year warranty, and replacement for any malfunctioning parts at £ 12 per month.

Among the elderly, falling is a common occurrence. A fall prevention personal medical alarm designed specifically for the elderly can help prevent multiple falls among the elderly. Falling can result in fractures of the hips and head injuries that can be debilitating. When left helpless for hours or even days without an emergency alert system, a patient may suffer serious complications such as dehydration, hypothermia, pressure ulcers, muscle breakdown, and even death. Our fall detection devices are of the highest quality and can also serve as emergency fall detection devices. Generally, it is believed that as we age, we tend to forget things that may later prove problematic for us. An individual can live independently in their own home with a panic pendant, instead of having to move into an assisted living facility or live with family.

Also, caregivers and family members will have peace of mind. Besides pioneering home security, the alert system provides round-the-clock emergency alerts for children and loved ones, keeping the elderly physically independent. When a crisis situation arises, this feature alone can be life-saving.  Your smartphone can use the Lively app to assist you in situations such as medical emergencies, lockouts, and car trouble. A medical alert watch that has fall detection for seniors works as follows:

  • Press on SOS: A smart wearable SOS button on the fall detection for seniors alert will connect you to our 24/7 monitoring team. A highly-trained operator will assist you in any situation.
  • Connect with us: If you’re experiencing an emergency, the operator will locate your location through your phone’s GPS and stay on the line until the problem is resolved.
  • Get Our Help: Should an emergency arise, we will make the necessary arrangements for a paramedic to respond.

Medical alert watches provide personal emergency monitoring and personal medical alarms for elderly individuals with medical conditions that prevent them from leaving their homes. Many challenges can be faced, including domestic violence. In England and Wales, 1.9 million adults (aged 16 to 59) were the victims of domestic abuse in the year ending March 2017. Approximately 713,000 men and 1.2 million women were involved in these incidents. There were 46 percent of crimes committed by domestic violence and 32 percent of crimes committed by violent crimes.   In 39 police departments, 46 arrests per 100 reported crimes of domestic abuse were recorded in June 2017; this is 46 arrests per 100 reported crimes of domestic abuse.

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