Signs That Signifies That Your Water Purifier Service Was Done Right

Are you worried that the maintenance service conducted by the experts will not meet your expectations? Are you concerned that the person in charge of servicing the purifier did not do the job correctly? 

Are you worried that the maintenance service will not bear the fruits of hard labor? If that is the case, you are in the right place, as we will share how you can understand whether the conducted water purified service was done right or not.

Indications That Implies That The Service Was Done Right 

Drinking purified water is a necessity that should be maintained throughout the world. Drinking water that bears the residue of microbes and harmful chemicals can affect our body. 

The industrial sludge that gets hurled into water-bodies makes it tougher to get the sediments entirely erased. Only the purification method of the municipality is not enough to get it 100% purified. 

One needs to take precautions from their side to do away with the microorganism too. It is here where the water purifier fits in. However, constant usage of water purifiers can cause the parts of the mechanism to wear out. To ensure the quality of the mechanism, one has to put it to maintain service. That is why one needs to know the signs that signify whether the service is done right or not. 

When The Water Is Rolling Out Fast

One of the reasons one might contact the Aquaguard customer care to ask for servicing is the water filtration process and how much time it takes to complete the filtration procedure.

It happens due to the blockage in the filtration system. The blockage takes place due to the hoarding impurities. The impurities generally block the water to be passed through the filtration system. If one sees that the water is passing through the filtration faster than before, if the water pressure has changed, it was conducted right.

When There Is No Odor 

The main reason why one installs the ro water purifier is that they want to remove the residues of harmful chemicals. Technological advancements such as RO membranes can filter these toxic chemical elements along with the microbes that reside in the water. 

The remnants of chemical items and microbes not only make the water unfit for drinking but leaves an odor. The application of RO is only useful until it works. It is one of the issues that prompt a person to call for maintenance services too. If the maintainer service is conducted in the right manner, and if the issue related to odor is resolved, apart from the water pressure, the water’s odor will vanish. 

When The Water Tastes Neutral 

Due to the heavy inclusion of TDS in water, the water might taste somewhat odd. Total Dissolved Solids signifies that the water is unfit for drinking and is impure. 

It not only wears out the filtration system but makes the water taste salty and bears a heavy impact on the parts. The best way to understand the higher level of TDS is by noticing if it leaves a strain on your drinking cup or glass. 

In that case, you need to call the Aquaguard service center near you. If the service is done right, you will notice that the water tastes neutral and does not leave a stain on the glass after drinking. 

When The Water Does Not Look Cloudy

The best way to understand whether the service was conducted right is by noticing the water’s appearance. When the water purifier emits cloudy water, then it means that the water purification process is halted as it needs servicing. However, after the service process is done, if the purified water does not look cloudy anymore, then it means that the servicing is done right. 


Apart from all these points, the water’s color is another indicator through which you can easily understand whether the service was done right or not. 

The water-bearing residues of harmful relents and not purified right will change their color. If the service was done right, then the color will not change, whereas it will remain neutral.

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