Pee Safe Discount Offers: Buy Products At Low Prices

In India, women’s hygiene issues like mensuration pads and peeing in public bathrooms are taboo. No one really wants to talk about them. But little do we know that a vast majority of Indian women are suffering from various kinds of infections,  including UTIs, due to unhygienic peeing conditions.

Pee Safe as a brand was launched in 2013 with Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray as its first product ever. The aim was to eliminate the risk of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and other infections caught by women in India just by visiting public washrooms. Since then, the brand has gradually expanded its presence across several different hygiene categories, including feminine hygiene, men’s hygiene, sexual wellness and more.

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About Brand Pee Safe

A regular visit to a public washroom by Srijana Bagaria (co-founder) inspired the idea of Pee Safe as a brand. Pee Safe was formed in 2013 with Vikas Bagaria as founder and CEO and Rithish Kumar as another co-founder. Since then, the brand has established its presence across 100-plus cities in India. The products of Pee Safe are exported to more than 15 countries worldwide, with an essential presence on all major e-commerce online platforms.

‘Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray’ was the first product of Pee Safe and has saved millions of Indian women from contracting the risk of UTI. Over the period of past few years, the brand has launched several other hygiene-related products across various categories like men’s hygiene, hand hygiene, sexual wellness and more. These products can be purchased directly from its website or other online platforms at discounts using various Pee Safe Deals and offers.

Pee Safe was awarded the ‘Amazon Best SMB Brand’ award in 2020, in the presence of CEO Jeff Bezos, for their excellent performance on Amazon India. LinkedIn also recognised the brand as one of the ‘Top 10 Startups’ in 2020. The aim is to aware the population and boldly address the issues related to personal hygiene in India.

Pee Safe Product Categories

After the success of its toilet seat sanitizer spray, the brand has expanded its presence across other hygiene categories as well.

  • Period Care – Menstrual cups, Sanitary pads, Tampons, Cramp relief roll on 
  • Toilet Hygiene – Toilet seat sanitizer spray, Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Men’s Hygiene – Intimate face wash, Intimate wipes
  • Face Care – Face serum, Jade roller, Anti-acne face mask
  • Body Care – Sunscreen body spray, Body mist, Body nourishing oil
  • Shaving and Grooming – Razors, Shaving foam, Hair removal cream
  • Intimate Care – Sweat pads, Intimate powder
  • Hair Care – Hair oils, Natural hair tonics, Hair conditioners
  • Maternity and Baby Care – Maternity pads, Breast pads, Reusable baby diaper
  • Elderly Care – Adult diapers
  • Sexual wellness – Domina oils and gels, Domina female condoms

Do You Know These Facts About Pee Safe Brand?

  • Pee Safe logo is ‘black’ to symbolise the killing of germs.
  • Majority of Pee Safe products are cruelty-free and vegan.
  • Pee Safe cramp relief roll-on is the first in the Indian market.
  • Pee Safe Aloe vera-infused panty liners are the longest in the market.
  • Mint was the first fragrance of Toilet seat sanitizer spray.

Recognition Of Pee Safe

Pee Safe was launched with a vision of a clean and healthy India and is going forward with the same courage and boldness. The majority of its products are vegan and cruelty-free. The brand prioritises quality and takes no compromise on that. 

●     Dermatologically Tested: Their products have undergone dermatological testing on human skin and have been found to have no adverse side effects.

●     Peta Approved: Their products have received ‘Peta’ approval because they do not subject animals to testing.

●     Certified Plastic Neutral: They strive to be a firm that supports the environment, and certified plastic neutrality helps us go towards a more sustainable future.


Personal hygiene is among the most critical yet ignorant topics in Indian households. It is considered taboo to talk openly about female hygiene, menstruation, intimate hygiene etc. But the brand Pee Safe has overcome all the barriers and is going forward with the vision of a clean and healthy India.

All the products by Pee Safe are dermatologically tested, and Peta approved. You can easily buy all the Pee Safe products for you and your whole family at an affordable price range using Pee Safe Discount Coupons and various Pee Safe Deals.