5 Nutrition Myths Debunked to enhance knowledge for your Meal Time

With the wealth of information, it can be overwhelming to decide what to choose for our life. There is lots of information available for a nutritional diet such as keto diet, paleo diet, vegan diet, plant-based diet, and lots more. Someone says sugar is bad and bread is ok. So, lots of views about diets that confuses us about them. People are fond of energy drinks but they don’t realize the importance of low caffeine and sugar content drink such as Mate Mate energy drinks for a natural energy boost for their health.

Let’s debunk some myths:

Myth 1 # eating many small meals a day increases metabolism

You may hear that eating too many small meals a day can increase your metabolism. In reality, small meals make you hungry soon and it can lead to too much eating or unhealthy eating. This effect happens when digestion increases your metabolism in small amount. This effect is based on the amount of food consumed and not how often is eaten.

Myth buster: Digestion may slightly increase metabolism and your meal frequency is less counted as compared to the calorie intake of the day. You need to have calorie deficiency or balance at the end of the day to figure out what will be the overall impact of the diet on your health.

Myth 2 # Fats are unhealthy

If you want to lose out weight, you will have to watch the foods you are eating. The only true bad fats are transfat and unsaturated fats. Artificial transfats such as hydrogenated oils were already banned in 2015.

Myth buster: Your body needs fats like mono-saturated fatty acids, omega-3, and polyunsaturated fats. A fat-free diet is not healthy for your body. Limit transfats and saturated fats to up to 10% of daily fats. If you are tired at some time, boost your work performance with the Yerba Mate energy drink for a natural caffeine energy boost.

Myth 3 # Carbs are bad for you

Carbohydrates are not necessarily fattening but lower-quality refined carbs may have sugar and calories. Think of pretzels, dessert, rice, white bread, and pasta in your diet. Carbs should be about 40-45% of your daily diet. If cutting your processed carbs, don’t replace them with less healthy calories diet foods.

Myth buster: Not all carbs are evil. Take some carbs like fiber-based carbs like brown rice which keeps you full longer and raises glucose levels slowly.

Myth 4: Eat only egg whites

Egg yolk can lead to heart disease due to cholesterol. Studies show that it may increase heart disease for diabetics and we need more research on this. Some studies reveal that healthy individuals eating 7 eggs a week can prevent macular degeneration or strokes.

Myth buster: Egg has lots of nutrients that are mainly in the yolk. If you want to skip the cholesterol, just eat the egg whites and the whites still have protein and filling.

Myth 5: Losing weight means giving up favorite foods

95% of the dieters gain loses weight back in one to five years. Dieting is temporary and you might end up gaining weight back after losing some due to unconscious eating again. Fad diets may be restrictive in some manner and can cause mood swings, and low energy and can also create some other health issues. Instead of focusing on an unsustainable diet, focus on a balanced diet and listen to your body’s needs.

Wrap up

The prime objective of myth-busting is that different things have a different impact such as a low-calorie diet will help you in weight loss and calorie deficiency and a regular workout will make you healthier. So, bust these myths and eat healthily. For dehydration needs, have a Mate Mate drink for your energy boosting needs which are made of Yerba Mate leaves.